4 Energy-Shifting Feng Shui Ways To Empower Yourself In Uncertain Times

Mar 30, 2020 | Creativity

There’s always something can can be done.

Especially when it seems that everything is sort of happening “to us.”

Feng Shui tools are incredibly powerful when applied in the ways I use them– without superstition, without hunting down and hoping to conjure luck.

I believe we make our own luck and I’ve talked about this endlessly on the blog and pretty much everywhere.

It’s times like these that I’m glad to know that my luck is in my hands and something I can choose to create.

Luck is in your hands, too. You can choose to create more of it starting right now.

There’s a mounting global crisis, I’ve lots track of how long it’s been since I’ve left my house but I know there’s at least eight more weeks at home ahead of me and there’s every reason to want to crawl back in bed and take a pass on this Spring.

But, in the midst of the emotional chaos and uncertainty there are always ways to grow.

Realize how much of your day you can determine right now.

Make a list or speak a list out loud of all the choices you have today. Chances are you’ll never stop talking or writing, because you and I always have infinite options. With our thoughts, words and actions we can shape our days in the most fulfilling ways.

This exercise is an energy-opener, and the kind of Feng Shui that attracts abundant results is all about free-flowing energy.

Practice training your mind.

There’s a famous Buddhist quote that I hope I have completely correct from Nichiren Diashonin: “Be the master of your mind, don’t let your mind be your master.”

Our mind needs as much exercise (or more!) than our bodies.

Do logic puzzles and sudoku games, play chess, learn new languages…

Whatever you do, do it often. Daily if you can.

It’s not just about acquiring data and new skills. Most importantly, this will keep you reminded freshly and daily that your mind is not your master.

You create your life every day.

Do Feng Shui rituals to clear the energy in your home.

The easiest: housecleaning.

The most magnetic (and simple, and customizable) Feng Shui wealth-magnetizing rituals are HERE in the FREE Cash Camp intro video series.

Do something new every day. Something decidedly new.

Since I can’t leave home right now, I’m cooking new food every single day. I’m also doing new art projects.

You might decide to do a new workout everyday. Listen to new music. Watch new movies.

New things break up stagnation and robotic feelings that can settle in when you feel awash in the same things every single day.

So, how will crossword puzzles, new recipes and energy clearing make your life better?

They’re all ways we can choose to grow.

When you’re stuck you’re more prone to anxiety, worry, frustration, sadness and other down spirals.

When you shift our energy toward growth, you’re deep in the magnetic flow of life.



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