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Apr 2, 2020 | Prosperity

No one needs to be happy all the time because that denies the importance of every single emotion. But, where we spend the most of our time emotionally– overall — influences our life in dramatic ways.

I’ve shared a whole lot on the blog about the enormous benefits of happiness. HERE is a huge post. There are many others. The benefits are even more extensively proven than I discussed.

I wanted to bring happiness to the forefront here because it is so important.

More happiness can make the difference in how you weather the storms, how creative you are and how resilient as well. I feel that happiness will rise in even greater prominence as a success predictor (it already has been proven that “more happiness = more success”) in the new paradigm of life that’s emerging. And, it’s incredibly fun to bring more of it into every day.

You don’t need to turn your life upside down to have more happiness.

It’s easy. It’s a more natural state to be in.

Embrace simple pleasures: Let go of the myth that some version of success is required to feel happy. It definitely works the opposite way. Lots of us never come close to manifesting our potential because it’s tied to some version of achievement that is always way out on the horizon.

A cup of tea can be glorious. Doodling can be so freeing. My friend has been sending me comedy clips from YouTube all day and they’re exactly what I needed.

Confront the unhappy times and you’ll rise much faster: It’s totally OK to have a rough day. Denying your feelings, however, is not helpful. It’s easy to try to push aside anxiety or bury grief, but it will find it’s way out in one way of another. If you’ve been holding back feelings, the act of embracing them– crying, feeling, asking for help– can be the thing that brings you more lasting joy.

Do things that are new:  There’s nothing that’s more uninspired than sameness. Decide to do one new thing every day and watch what happens!

Make the kind of plans that know no limits: You don’t have to “do” them all yet, but making crystal clear plans can be a huge dose of energy for your whole life.

It can take time to plan things well, and if you have the time now, take advantage of it completely.

Happy homes start at the front door:  A proven strategy to make your home much happier is to start at the front door. The front door is where you welcome people, fantastic energy and tons of abundance into your home. Cleaning your front door and your door mat, sweeping the entryway… it’s all incredibly powerful.

In the FREE Cash Camp video series we energize your whole home, front door included!

Turn up the volume: Add music. It’s a proven mood-booster.

Soon, I’ll be indulging in a brilliant bluetooth speaker (bought at the Apple Store, I’m told) that has the highest sound quality I’ve ever heard, with a magical ability to fill the entire space with energy. A friend brought one over for a dinner party at the end of last year and it actually re-shaped the entire evening. The brilliant sound quality had a mystical effect on the space, and I want that effect every day!

Even before I get my speaker, more music is on now. I also wish I had some records and a record player, but I’ll get to work on that stuff next!

Mood-boosting food is also enormously powerful: My friend Jason Wrobel talks a lot about good mood foods (more here) on a nutritional level. 

On an energetic level, eat more delicious things that make you also feel delicious (ie: not wired, or exhausted or stuffed) and you’ll feed your soul, too!

This is a starting place.

I bet you already know a long list of things that make you happy. Do them all (maybe not all at once, but do them!) and revel in your glow and all the abundance it brings.

The world needs your joy more than ever!



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