10 Favorite Prosperous Feng Shui Habits I’ve Been Practicing Right Now!

Apr 6, 2020 | Creativity

The energy of prosperity is the energy that brings every kinds of shining light to every day.

Inspiration. Motivation. Excitement. Curiosity. Creativity.

All these feelings and so many more are a part of creating the most prosperous home.

Right now, more than ever, I’ve been leaning into the energy of prosperity to keep my days feeling expansive, my whole body feeling more glowing and strong and my whole life moving forward while staying at home indefinitely.

Here are some of the prosperous habits of my Feng Shui practice these days that might inspire you to customize a few for yourself!

Strong morning gratitude in action is a winning thing for me. Gratitude lists are great, but I get more engaged in action. I’ve been waking up and telling everything (my bed, my walls, my tea pot, my journal, my toothbrush, literally everything) how grateful I am. By the time I start doing big things in the day, I am in an incredibly elevated headspace. My home also feels different. Gratitude changes things immensely.


Work with the magic of intention. I keep my programmed crystals beside me and grab them throughout the day to reinforce my personal intentions. How to program crystals is right HERE. (If you don’t have a crystal, use your favorite piece of jewelry or another object that’s meaningful to you.)

I’m about to re-program my crystals right now as I’m ready for some new creative action! This really does work wonders!

Water with lemon, lime, orange or any fruit I can manage to get at the grocery store. I add fruit to water, particularly citrus, because it literally wakes up the energy of the water. Some people say it’s more hydrating and I’m not sure if that’s true. I do know it’s way easier to drink and much more energizing. Also, because groceries are hard to come by, I don’t add a ton, usually just a half or a quarter of a lemon or whatever I’ve got on hand.

My to do lists are shorter and more focused. Editing them is a big way to start the morning strong. I can’t focus on too many big things in one day. I get completely overwhelmed, especially right now. Our focus is what makes things grow. I start the day by writing out a big to-do list, and then I edit out a whole lot of it, moving it to later in the week or next week. (What day is it today, anyway?! I can’t keep track…!)

The key: I write down the exact things I want to make or manifest in the day, even if I don’t know how they’ll happen. They happen so much more often than I can explain since I started doing this.

I turn off the news. It takes a few minutes to be informed and just a few more to start a spiral into craziness.

I also do set my social media on a timer. No more than 15 minutes on any platform is my goal unless something is really inspiring. Instagram let’s you set an alert that tells you once you’ve had your fill for the day. There are some apps that you can explore (as I’m about to) that track all social media usage and screen time.

The days starts by wiping down the top of my desk with a mix of white vinegar and water (50/50) that I use to clean everything with. If you haven’t seen the new Desk Feng Shui video it’s HERE for you:

Space clearing every day will keep you feeling brighter. You don’t need to burn sage every day or do a big ritual. It can be as easy as mopping floors one day, vacuuming the next, opening windows for a few minutes, lighting your favorite candle, etc, etc. This is all about instant energy shifts!

I share good news with friends every day. Or, at the very least, something really funny. I feel like my outflowing of something hopeful has started to tune my mind to more great thoughts in general, all day long.

And… I both exercise and sleep as much as possible. I’m not trying to create a strict regime. Sometimes I’m in bed really early, and sometimes way later. Sometimes I’m bouncing on a trampoline and doing yoga in the daytime, sometimes it’s 11pm. The only rule for me is that I do both and enjoy them fully!

I realize that I’m extremely fortunate to get groceries delivered, work at home, have a great house and amazing family and friends. That doesn’t escape me for one moment. Right now, I’m here to bring you all the Feng Shui, energy shifts and ideas to find the silver linings in this chaotic and uncertain time. Once this crisis is over, my most prosperous habits will be spending time volunteering and giving back immensely in all ways. I look forward to that happening… soon.

If I can make any videos or answer questions, never hesitate to reach out!



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