5 Feng Shui Ways To Become More Resourceful And Innovative!

Apr 11, 2020 | Creativity

Right now, a Wi-Fi hot spot is enabling me to write the blog.

It’s not what I envisioned, but when the Internet magically vanished, I leapt into action.

I’ve only had to reschedule one thing, and I’m using this limited Internet access time to my greatest advantage.

After all, the show must go on!

When I teach each session of the School Of Intention, the Professional Feng Shui Certfication program in this highly unique method of Feng Shui, I find myself even more emphatic about one topic every season: resourceful innovation.

I also call it: “making things go right.”

When my plans, similar to my Internet access for the next handful of days, don’t work as planned, it’s not time to quit. 

It’s time to rise.

If you want to make more things go right in your life, start directing energy in your life toward this certain success!

Feng Shui deals with energy flow.  When things flow, you can manifest like crazy, you feel great and you’re on a roll.

Interrupt that flow with clutter, procrastination and other things that drag you down and things change. Outcomes change. Success levels change.

Stagnation and all kinds of stuck-ness sets in.  Or, you can get depleted, exhausted, burned out or otherwise rocked off your solid foundation.

If you’re feeling even a little wobbly or stuck or otherwise unfocused, it’s time to innovate!

Choose the opposite of what you usually do.  This is always a great strategy.

Always write texts? Call instead.  Always wear black? Wear white!  Always wait till the last minute?  Plan ahead!

If you’re really to expand your horizons, try this one. It’s incredibly effective!

Brainstorm with friends.  That’s how I got to this wi-fi hot spot.  I asked a friend if we could brainstorm solutions so the mountain of work I have to do this week gets done easily. 

After we firmly decided that my sitting on her front lawn with a laptop would not be good for many reasons (!), the idea of a hotspot came up.  I didn’t have it enabled, and had never used one before. It took about five life-changing minutes to set it up.

Write down your brilliant ideas.  I keep ideas in a little notepad.  It’s funny, I like to write them down but I rarely review them. 

That said, I’ve found these lists years after writing them, only to see so many of the ideas come to fruition.

What’s more powerful here: as I write down what I feel are genius thoughts in my notebooks, I find myself coming up with more of them. 

When you treat things as sacred and important, those things will multiply.

There is no “NO”.  Have you ever worked for someone that you wouldn’t dare say no to? I mean, in general you want to be deferential to your employer but… there are people that you simply can not say NO to, no matter what. 

I’ve worked for 5 of those people, all very respected, renowned and demanding from others of the most absolutely mind-bending feats that defy the imagination. 

I’ve been asked to plan immense art shows in days, break sound barriers to get events produced, write books in a week.  You name it, I said “YES.”

What I learned from these people is that I rose to the occasion every single time.  I got it all done.  I crushed odds stacked against me. 

In one case I did it daily for two years.  That job was such a challenge but it left me more deftly sure and confident than ever before that everything was not just do-able, it was going to be easy and rewarding.

When people ask me how I can create so much content every day and work and teach thousands of people and still have all sorts of downtime and time to learn, it’s because I learned to say YES to what I wanted and not compromise.

When I applied those years of YES to me, there were no limits.

If you’ve been saying NO to the things you’ve always wanted to do, it’s time to drop that NO and start saying YES!

Imagine confidently.  When you’re stepping into unchartered land, step confidently! 

Keep your vision of the future and everything working out beautifully in the front of your mind.  That is your North Star. That’s your great guide. 

If you can’t see it as a possibility, you won’t be moved to create it or experience it.  Science has proved this time and time again.

Your imagination can make things real. Picasso, who was insanely prolific, said it best, “Everything you can imagine is real.”

And, your innovation and creation starts the minute you decide to reach for the new, experiment with ideas and let that vision guide you.

Your commitment and determination will see you through to everything.

Creating a new paradigm and way of living can be daunting before you begin, but once you start the process of innovation, you’ll be absolutely unstoppable.





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