The Magic Of Shifting The Energy That’s Behind Everything You Do

Apr 12, 2020 | Creativity

dana claudat
(the dragon water fountain in taisekiji japan full of water that’s full of transformational energy is something I do miss right now!)

I just poured a healthy dose of sugar, grain and preservative-free granola into the remainder of the non-dairy yogurt in my house.  It happens to be full of espresso beans and vanilla bean.  Haven’t had coffee or any caffeine in longer than I can remember (years and years), but something tells me that on this somber day I will be just fine with it.  In fact, I reached for it in a way that felt positively right for the moment.

Why does this matter?

I realize I’m making very new choices after almost three months of this stay-at-home time that are being guided by very different energy than before.

I’ve been thinking about what I miss since I’ve been home. I miss very little of what I’ve been doing daily for the last few years given I can still do 100% of my work, gratefully, at home.

What I’ve missed is what I now realize I need to focus on and reclaim.  Including my ability to help others so much more.

There’s nothing like being grounded in one place to see just how much you’re blessed and how much you can create.

There’s nothing like realizing that it’s time to help create a new paradigm.

Today, the re-aligning Feng Shui is all about elevated purpose and how it will completely re-shape your life.

(gather a table dark chocolate granola)

Many of us have never struggled to think of where we’d even get a meal from in our lives, and now we’re patiently waiting for weeks or more for grocery deliveries in Los Angeles sometimes.

This is how so many people live, waiting for a lifeline of a check to arrive or hoping to find food. 

I’m painfully aware that some people and families are in a situation way worse every day of their lives, and I’ll make a feast of the few bits of produce that are left in my house.

I have another batch of yogurt to make, a few squash, a few eggplant and a few mangos and apples for a few days, and a few other things I can pull together.

Essentially, I can’t possibly feel like I don’t have enough because I have so much.

I have an incredible amount of privilege.

It’s been time to make choices and re-think what is driving things; it’s time to see what metrics have been the drivers of success.

Money? Press? Achievement? Praise? Some elusive reward out in the future?

None of these things are bad, they’re all great.  They’re also just a small bit of a much bigger picture. 

I’ve been asking myself:

How do I help to feed more people when this is over? How can I be part of rebuilding community after this unprecedented time? How can I have more of an impact in life (and I’m not at all talking about business here, at all)?

And the smaller things, too, like:

How can I live in a more fulfilling way? How can I learn to be more self-sustaining?

Many of you have been writing me about similar re-evaluations. I love all that you’ve decided. I’m inspired by your big leaps forward.

While the espresso bean granola kicks in, I’m ready to find even the beginnings of those answers and so many more. 

(the haiku stairs in hawaii)

Purpose is not an intellectual concept in my life. It’s an electricity that can’t be stopped.

Today someone asked me what my purpose was, the “why?” behind what I do. 

I haven’t thought about it in so long because I spend every day sharing so many ways to make space better, make life lighter, become more creative… it is all sort of one big ball of forward motion and inspiration.

But the “Why?” is something I haven’t thought about in a long time in such a way that I could answer that clearly.

For as long as I can remember I saw the adults around me living in limitations, some so painful and frightening that I swore that would not be me.  I don’t know why I understood by the time I was 12 that there was always something that could be done about anything, but I will credit the self-help cassette tapes my dad would play for me every day when I’d visit him in San Diego.

If everyone could see the way to break free of those barriers that kept them trapped and feeling like the world was against them, they’d finally be without so much suffering.

Because I failed as a kid to dramatically help many people who didn’t want help, despite how far I searched for tools– (I’d do hypnosis VHS tapes in my living room, visualize every day, I learned crystal healing when I was 13, had a past life regression hypnotist and card readers over the house and read every book I could get my hands on at the local library and bookstore)– it became my own personal pact with the Universe to find more ways I could create change.

In every roundabout way, I wound up here. As I sit here after 15 years typing this, I feel like I’m just getting started.

In another roundabout way, this tipping point of world crisis has made me see that I’ve been in need of even more purpose behind all the things I do- not just in work, but in all ways.

Do you know your “Why?” for doing what you’re doing?

Do you feel like your priorities are aligned with your purpose ?

These are two big questions that shook up my life in the greatest ways in the past weeks and led me to all kinds of new choices.

I have no answers to all of life but I’ve come to see that my own best decisions don’t come from my mind because minds are limited. 

Our minds only rationalize based on what we know or have been taught.

My mind has never been able to get me very far because it’s full of ideas I absorbed from everywhere around me from as far back as I can remember.

My right paths and best decisions are a full-body emotional experience.  They sometimes make no sense.  But, they’re absolutely undeniable.

This place of feeling has no limits.

That’s where the better feelings come in.

Whatever choices make you feel stronger, healthier, happier, more at home and more in love with every day are likely the ones that will help you to soar in life when we come through this pandemic, achieve racial equality, and reach the other side in a new paradigm.

This is not a wellness trend or a media sensation. There’s real work to be done if we all want true change.

We have a lot of new to build, and it’s my strongest intention that we build it all in ways that serve the greater good not just for ourselves, but for everyone. 

In the words of Joseph Campbell, “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger that oneself.”

Every janitor and sanitation worker in the world is on equal heroic footing with every doctor, though the two professions were once regarded by some so differently for no good reason. 

There’s no more valuable or important mission than another.  There’s no job that’s better than another.

What’s important in my mind is the energy we bring to what we do, whatever it is.

It’s my intention for myself, and for everyone, to bring more purpose and more determination to everything we do from here on out.

I’m very hopeful that the world after this is far more aligned, thriving, just and full of love.

I’m wishing you so much love and wellness.



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