7 Inspiring Lifestyle Switches That Have Made Life More Magnetic Right Now

Apr 24, 2020 | Creativity

I’ve been incredibly blessed to know so many amazing creators, to come upon so much wisdom and to have so much love in my life. Now, more than ever, this is my primary focus: surrounded by love, wellness and inspiration.

There are many gifts from students and clients in this post that I cherish that have making this time inside so much brighter. There are many ideas and techniques that have been so helpful to do everything from focusing my mind to manifesting much more. And, a special chat with a dear friend that is always exciting to share because it’s full of creative awakening ideas.

Today, it’s a long-awaited roundup of goodies that I hope will bring you joy and magnetism now and long after this time of stay-at-home is over!

Coloring things brighter. To start, color is potent for change-making, and the pillows above from my dear friend and client Fatma of Istanbul Art Designs (they have such gorgeous stuff!) have been that punctuation mark on on of my sofas. You’ve possibly seen them pop up in videos because I cherish them and their handmade excellence.

Now is a great time to make pillows of brilliant color if you sew, knit a wall hanging for your walls if you knit, and create more in all ways with color at home.

I’m gearing up to wallpaper the backs of bookshelves, make paintings for the living room and… as of this morning, paint my bedroom in a deep pink that is such a big move it has me thrilled. These are all things I can do without hiring assistance, and even though some parts of the project feel daunting, I am up for the challenge!

Creative awakening. This leads me into my next beam of rainbows for the week, a Creativity conversation full Feng Shui that I had with Tara Siles this week. Quarantine time has been a catalyst to connect in meaningful ways with so many dear friends, and this one is exciting to share:

Alkaline water. I know that some say alkaline water does nothing. Some swear by it. I don’t yet have a Kangen Water Machine (*its on my list now!) but my dear friend Geneva dropped me gallons of alkaline water… and included a very special acidic 2.5 pH water also made in the Kangen machine that is thought to sanitize things. According to the Kangen posts I have seen, people use it as hand sanitizer, and while I can’t make any claims that this works I can tell you three things:

1. I loved drinking the alkaline water and I do feel the difference

2. I felt really good making spray bottles of the acidic water with essential oils (*a Thieves blend) to use as a spray around the house and on delivered packages for extra cleaning measures.

3. I’m getting a Kangen machine soon from Geneva (at 81 she literally ran to my door with multiple gallons of water on her way to do all sorts of community service in the middle of a pandemic and swares by this stuff!) and if you want one, please let me know and I’ll put you in touch! You can reach me at dana@fengshuidana.com.

Homemade face masks. My student sent me the darling mask full of moons (she knows me) and I proceeded to order 12 more for friends and family. I am in awe of everyone leaping into creative action, and it was extra comforting to have these masks as I couldn’t find any to buy that would ship quickly enough. If you need them, her’s are $7.50 each and she’s got lots of colors and patterns and I’m happy to connect you!

Burning herbs.   My dear friend and also, incidentally, student Eduarda sent me a brilliant wand of carefully harvested sage from her True Mexican Etsy shop, and I’ve been burning a bit every day that I need freshness and extinguishing it in water. Also, you can burn lots of dried herbs. My favorite is bay leaves from the kitchen, and you can read more about it here.

My next technique which I will hold onto forever is something I used to walk past in the grocery store and roll my eyes. I have decidedly changed my mind.

Produce Wash. And, thanks to some research, I boost it with Grapefruit Seed Extract fo extra cleaning power. Since the global health crisis I’ve taken to truly scrubbing my vegetables and fruit where I once would give it a rinse and call it a day. When I was turned on to using natural veggie wash, the experience became so much more effective. There are many natural veggie and fruit washes on the market. I added about 40 drops of strong Grapefruit Seed Extract to the bottle to make it more magical. To see the film removed from berries soaked in this mix, I am an official convert to veggie washes of some sort forever.

Please note that this can be even cheaper and easier as salt, vinegar and baking soda can clean most of your produce brilliantly as well. (It’s been hard to get any of the three shipped to my house but I’ll be doing this as well) — you can read about all three and how to use them right here.

My final switch of the month has been to update my Manifestation Bowl. This thing always serves me brilliantly, and I love to look at it, too! While it’s a very DIY and doable process, it’s more involved and a big part of the FREE Breakthrough Camp intro video series. You can sign up HERE to watch the videos soon (they start in a few weeks, but they’re only up once a year) that are packed with inspiring Feng Shui switches and energy shifts that can help you to manifest so much more!

Right now, I’m focused on breakthroughs, light, love and wellness. Really, it’s the best focus, always, but now… there’s no limit to the joy I’m ready to receive and ready to share.

Whatever you do to make your home shine brighter and your energy stronger– embrace it all. Your investment of inspired action will bring you enormous rewards!



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This hour of Feng Shui videos for love starts soon and it’s only up for 21 days a year…so if you’re ready for a lighter, brighter, more love-filled life, you won’t want to miss it! xoxo!!!


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