The Magic Of Adopting A Zero Tolerance Policy For Needless Bad Vibes

Apr 28, 2020 | Creativity

(good vibes only from @thejungalow)

In the midst of a global crisis, there’s no room for a single unnecessary bad vibe.

Energy is magnified now, you know?

What’s mean is striking me as ten times meaner, what’s outrageous is completely surreal and what is draining feels completely exhausting.

Truly, there’s never room for a single unnecessary bad vibe.

I say unnecessary because we all have arguments, we all experience a full range of emotions and we all have life experiences and even healing processes that pull up emotions that are far from unicorns and rainbows.

That’s part of living life. It’s a dynamic, full-on experience.

But, there are the bad vibes that are not necessary at all, including draining people, the ill-intentioned, the things we might watch and read as entertainment that stoke fear and so much more.

In normal times, these things can get swept into the big dramatic fold of every day, making things just a little (or a lot) more stressful and difficult.

Right now, we can decide to totally and completely close the door on all of those things that serve no helpful purpose and decide to keep it shut.

The stunning results will expand your life and transform your environment long after this crisis is over.

Your energy is everything.

Energy itself is everything.

Every single thing in the entire universe is energy.

When your energy is strong, glowing and light, you are, quite literally, magnetic.

In the magnification of the moment, every good vibe matters tremendously and everything that throws life out of balance is simply not allowed in my life.

But, this reminds me of the little things I used to let slide not too long ago. The down-spiral or draining conversations, the needless noise, the subtle ways I would let other things take precedence over my morning routines, dreams, plans and personal passions.

It wasn’t glaring because I can’t function well if my energy is low, but it was static enough that it kept me very “busy” and not necessarily “productive.”

My policy of avoiding needless toxic stuff has gotten overhauled in the last few months and the results are astonishing: new positive connections, reunions with dear old friends and family, epic creative power, so much clarity, energy, dynamics that are mind-blowing…

It’s all this big flow from such a small shift.

Eliminating the energy drains I once explained away created a whole new level of daily personal awesomeness. And, as we move through this time and into a whole new chapter afterward, that personal alignment is what’s propelling me forward.

It’s my big wish that we all are safe, well and also more aligned than ever before so that more of us can consciously create a new and more positive chapter of life than ever before.

@dabito is a genius.
(this may not be my first choice of feng shui but it’s plant and shelf goals x 10000!)

Look at your growth goals and see if they’re flourishing.

First of all, do you have growth goals?

These are not about business, or material things. They’re personal.

That said, 100% of the time, in my experience, they translate into material growth as well.

Growth goals include: investing in your self-love, your personal education, becoming more self-compassionate, quitting personal habits that drag you down, exploring creative practices, learning to improve your communication skills, slaying personal demons and all sorts of personal evolution.

If you don’t have any of these goals, now is a great time to write an exciting list!

If you do have these goals but they fall by the wayside every day, see if you can identify any draining habits or even places at home (does the cluttered bathroom make you feel less interested in your favorite baths, etc.) that are an obstacle.

Here is a fabulous first place to decide to make a change, cleaning up, deciding, re-organizing and shining.

Each one of these shifts is incredibly empowering.

Now, pile on the joy at home.

I can’t say enough about the power of environment, even after writing 4000+ articles and teaching for more than 20,000 hours.

It’s so important.

Your environment is the set design of your life.

When your environment is, on a very basic level, cleaned up and put in order, that alone can be a massive transformation.

When you can light candles, incense or herbs (a whole playlist of herbs + spices for abundance is HERE), decide to wear new colors or even paint a few walls, the shift can be magnificent!

I’m more strongly committed than ever before to helping everyone I can to create breakthroughs right now, because we all, collectively, are in need of that forward motion, optimism, abundance and power.

Aligning with as much positive energy as possible is one of the best ways to begin.

Shut the door on that energy that drags life down.

Open the doors to the energy of all of your awesomeness.

It’s one of the fastest paths to growth and abundance in all ways!



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