A Feng Shui Ritual To Release Whatever Might Be Holding Your Back!

May 3, 2020 | Creativity

A friend who hasn’t lost her wanderlust spirit (albeit now the wandering is at a far distance from other people) found these blooms carefully gathered from a very exclusive rose farm in Los Angeles.

It was such joy to see this treasure, I started thinking of filling my house with flowers, but since these blooms require waiting in line and I’m not that adventurous at the moment, I decided on more plants. I settled on plants, because I know that there are nurseries doing curbside delivery and I want to support them.

I can probably fit ten (or more) scattered around inside and out… so this is my research project of the day.

It’s also incredibly important. I want to surround myself with growth because the more growth I see the more I see possibilities come to light.

I want to feel as unlimited as possible. My plants are one way to harness that feeling.

While you don’t need a car full of houseplants, you might find that there are simple ways to start letting things go– habits, mindsets, old ways of working, clutter and even dreams that no longer suit you– to usher in lots of fresh energy.

Many of the paradigm shifts I’ve been hearing about over the last two months at home look something like the brilliant post from The Chalkboard above, particularly the parts about busy-ness, gratitude, pain from the past and releasing resentment. Those topics have come up in so many conversations, and each one has helped me to grow.

Releasing what’s been in the way of living our best lives can be a process for sure, and I don’t want to minimize trauma or great adversity. Those things have been far greater undertakings to unfold than I can give justice to in a post today, but these actions I’ll suggest can definitely be supportive, and I’m in full support of your healing.

So, let’s talk about Feng Shui to energetically release one less-enormous yet incredibly disruptive pattern that’s common:

Things feel “limited” in some way.

If you’re feeling limited, your life will reflect those limitations and none of us wants to feel that way or live that way…!

You can do a simple ritual to gain fresh perspective.

If you’ve been in a rut or feel the limitations on your life are too frustrating, it’s time to get more unlimited perspective.

Start with acknowledging the limits you feel. If you deny them you can’t clear them. It’s ok to be “negative”– “negative” is a real thing. Once we see it we can transform it.

Now, wash your mirrors, noting how they double whatever they see.

Move on to your windows and see the difference it makes when each one is spotlessly clean.

Then, really take in the view you have from your windows, even if they’re not that grand at the moment. It’s expanded space. Look out as far into the distance as you can, feeling your energy expand as you do.

It’s a great time to look back at those limitations you felt and do a brainstorm:

What have I assumed was limiting that isn’t true?

What can I do to stretch past this limitation?

What no longer feels like a limitation?

And, also write down any ideas that came up for you while you were busy polishing all that glass!

Now, of course, the goal is to have this ritual clear the way for a new set of actions.

Your energetic fresh start ritual followed by inspired action welcomes in so many amazing new things…!

There are always breakthroughs waiting for us. Sometimes we just need to clear away the things that have been in the way to let them in!



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