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May 4, 2020 | Prosperity

Having an ultra-positive magnetic mindset is the greatest. The best ideas are flying free, you feel confident, there’s magic in the air and all kinds of amazing things appear.

And, yet, when we need it the most it can seem like a challenge to keep our minds that optimistic and full of magical forces, you know?

If you’re having a hard time keeping your mind focused on what you want, you can shift your space to elevate your mind!

It’s really hard to force your mind to stay positive, so don’t bother trying too hard.

When you force things they force you back.

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to make yourself be optimistic. While you down-spiral from trying so hard, you also start reinforcing lots of ideas that things are very difficult.

Let the negative thoughts pop up and just don’t entertain them. Instead, try some positive distractions.

For example: if you’re finding less-than-awesome thoughts stirring up, you can take a break and get lost for ten minutes in making a puzzle, making a snack or even taking a quick shower.

None of these things are going to radically transform your life (or, at least, it’s not likely) but, each of these can steer you away from down-spiralling.

Get a fun neutral distraction or two and use them when your mind isn’t at it’s shiniest. It’s a quick re-set that can also be creative!

(*home manicures, washing dishes, dusting and making snacks are high on my list these days)

You get energy from color.

Color is, quite literally, energy. When your energy is aligned and strong, your mind will fire in all the most exciting ways.

Can you make or frame some art in colors that are fresh for your space?

Can you wear a color you don’t usually wear?

Can you make your computer background a color that you love?

Seeing these colors all day also tunes your mind to the highest vibes…!

There’s fresh energy in food.

Every time I do the Medical Medium Liver Rescue full of salads, smoothies and herbal teas, I feel like I’m floating in the best possible ways. And, while I can’t do a cleanse right now (it’s the midst of the lockdown in Los Angeles as I write this), I’m still filling every day with as much fresh fruit as possible to keep my energy as light as possible.

See if, at the very least, you can eat on a more regular schedule and sneak in a few extra fruits and veggies!

Care for your space and you’ll feel that energy, even if you start small.

The energy you put into things is the energy you’ll get out of it.

When you care for your computer (dust it, organize it, all of it) it tends to run better. some can say it’s mystical but I think it’s pure energy being reflected back from all your care.

When you care for your jewelry (I say this after cleaning mine to a sparkle today) it’s so shimmery that there’s extra joy in wearing it.

Caring for things, big and small, infuses fresh energy into them.

You’ll be amazed at how all of this helps to keep your mind as shining and bright.

Have fun energizing, re-energizing and colorizing your life.

And, most of all, have fun manifesting!!!



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