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May 9, 2020 | Prosperity

There are so many reasons- especially now but always- to share in the conversation of what’s wrong.

And, it’s important to add, when you need help and support, it’s VITAL to share what’s wrong and get the support you need.

On a regular basis, when help isn’t needed, there’s still a draw lots of us feel to the chorus of connection to the problems in the world, or the collective griping, complaints and dissatisfaction.

I’m a pretty happy and ridiculously optimistic person who gets drawn into these down-spiral conversations, too.

There’s nothing wrong with discussing current events, but these conversations that start productive often end in a place that’s less-than-awesome.

So, today let’s talk about spreading a bit more joy in the service of staying in the powerful creative flow of life.

For too many days in a row I allowed myself to get swept into even small down-spiral conversations that didn’t feel great. The ones I initiated after reading news or hearing news were the ones I felt the least good about.

What was I doing sharing more of this with friends and family?

I realized for myself that I was demonstrating in small ways how I was falling into being the effect of life. I was opening myself up to lots of data that wasn’t helpful or informative. I wasn’t “making a difference” by indulging in it. I was slowly but surely slipping into patterns that made me feel really bad.

I cleaned my house, took a shower and then launched into what became the plan to change my mind (and, consequently, my life) during this very extraordinary time.

I needed plants. I craved them, more of them, spending so much time inside. I got plants and trees– lots of them– at a local family owned nursery and made a plan to pick them up. Instantly, I felt better.

I needed sleep. I had fallen away from nap times and hadn’t let myself go to bed very early even though that was supposedly my goal for the last two months. I do go to bed earlier now, but not nearly as early as my body and life have been asking for.

I needed structure. My schedule had become very tenuous at best and without structure I felt like I wasn’t getting things done. I made a list of things that I truly wanted to accomplish, I bought an online course, I was gifted another, I now had more things I wanted to do every single day— and, my structure was restored.

I also needed to know it was OK to feel good during bad times.

It is.

It’s actually vital.

It’s the optimism, hope, forward-looking perspective that will carry all of us forward in life — even during crazy times– in powerful ways.

It’s your joy — and sharing that joy– that brings the biggest solutions and inspiration to others.

It’s by feeling good that so many more good things happen… for everyone.

It’s easy to fall into the down-spiralling conversations when you’re not busy sharing joy and doing things that help you to feel even a bit better.

And, it’s OK if you do! This isn’t about perfect.

But, catch yourself if you do, and ask yourself afterward:

What would help me to feel better right now?

Working toward that, you’ll re-align to all the joy.

I’m off to do more of my own joy-making practices.

We’ve got breakthroughs to make this season!



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