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May 11, 2020 | Prosperity


It’s easy to say you’re ready. for a positive change… but it’s something else completely to feel it, know it and expect it.

It’s far easier to sign up for the class than it is to show up for the class, easier to make the plan sometimes than it is to do the plan.

Today’s Feng Shui is about embodying the energy that brings the next level of life to light for you.


Figuring things out just doesn’t work for me any more.

Minds are limited, to a degree, when trying to “figure things out.” You’re limited to what you’ve learned as a fact and what facts you can extrapolate and project and predict as the future outcomes. If my mind is computing based on past experience and trying to come to some absolute certainty about the future, that’s not adequate for me.

Energy is unlimited. I defer now to energy. Essentially, I defer to the infinite possibility of creativity.

Creativity has replaced “figuring things out.”

When I’m in a creative zone, I can dream up new ideas, find new ways and literally shape my life… actively.

I save hours of thinking that usually lead to no strong conclusion.

If I catch myself thinking a lot, I know that my own energy isn’t in it’s greatest flow.

It’s time to re-align.

Alignment is, essentially, having your life in order.

Thoughts, words and actions are all focused. You feel good. You feel creatively awake. You’re organized. You’re energized.

It’s never perfect, not should it be. Life is exciting because it’s imperfect.

Alignment of energy happens in so many ways. Each of them can be totally life-changing.

De-cluttering your days can help you stay focused on what matters most.

Balancing your body with movement of any kind that feels great is amazing.

Some movement practices like Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Pilates and some forms of Yoga, and… dance and foam rolling, and more and more specific practices help align your posture, breath and energy flow on so many levels.

Organizing your home creates the kind of flow and focus that helps you to move through every day far more easily and intuitively.

When you learn even basic Feng Shui you can add even more intention to your organization and create even more of that dynamic alignment.

The goal of all this, as I said earlier:

Thoughts, words and actions are all focused. You feel good. You feel creatively awake. You’re organized. You’re energized.

And, in that place of dynamic alignment, it’s so much easer to know, to expect, to create and to receive big breakthroughs!



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