Feng Shui To Make Breakthroughs In Uncertain Times

May 19, 2020 | Creativity


True story: nothing is ever certain.

Ugh, how much I wanted that wasn’t true. I once made a lifestyle out of finding this ultimate certainty.

It was not a lifestyle of joy or success. It was full of anguish, exhaustion and lots of time wasted in worrying.

Even the greatest psychics are not certain. After all, humans have free will to make their own choices, and no one can plot the moment by moment course of each day, even though a moment can change your direction completely.

We hear a lot about these uncertain times, but, really, things are always just as uncertain.

But, I want to remind you (and me!) right now that things are always infinitely possible.

Trading “uncertainty” for “infinite possibility” in your life can be a massive energy switch that makes a major difference in how you approach — and succeed in– every single day.


The idea of uncertainty would spin me out. I had to be completely sure. I needed to feel safe and I didn’t have much of a feeling of safety for a lot of my life.

So, I tried and failed to create certainty for a long time.

After a lot of struggle, I came to see that this want of certainty was a want, in my own life, of a whole lot of things:

I wanted to be off the hook, not responsible for outcomes or choices if I made the seemingly “wrong” one. I wanted to be free of failure. I wanted to have assurance that everyone around me would never do anything to harm me. And, so much more.

It was a waste of time to look at certainty as a goal.

Instead, I started thinking about a few other things:

How can I enjoy things more?

Turns out, this was the first key to breakthrough success. Who knew that my hobbies, having more fun and being far less serious could bring such big rewards?

When I found myself in 6-figure debt after my quest for certainty went south, it was actually more time with friends, more fun and way less seriousness that started me moving in the right– and most prosperous directions. That financial picture transformed completely when I stopped insisting that things went just one specific way.

How can I bring awesome energy to what I’m doing and give it 100% of my best?

Whenever I feel like things are overwhelming or I don’t know what the right things is to do next, I first check to see that I’m showing up to my days with the best energy.

Am I sleeping enough? Eating well? Doing the things that feed my soul?

This is the stuff that helps me see the paths forward far more clearly than stressing out or worry ever did.

If I have a challenge, you’ll be likely to find me at the beach, doing my Buddhist practice, in a bathtub, meditating with a face mask on, simmering up some hot chocolate or maybe even taking a nap.

This really works.

How can I leave myself open to possibilities even bigger than what I can imagine?

Welcome to the power of creativity.

Creativity, and I mean this in all ways not just in making art, per say, opens doors to more ideas and new ways of thinking. It’s the road to accessing more and more possibility. And, it’s incredibly fun.

These easy ideas can have a profound effect on your life.

It was what took me from rock bottom and misery into what I believe is called” living your dreams.” And, I feel every single day like I’m just getting started.

I know it can be challenging to deal with lots of change, to need to find many solutions and navigate lots of roads that are untraveled. But, it’s a whole lot easier when you decide to create your days in a space of infinite possibility instead of focusing on uncertainty.

It may seem like a bunch of words, but see if you feel the difference between:

Things are uncertain and I better figure it all out and get it right or get lucky.


Things are changing and the possibilities are infinite, so I want to show up with my best energy and start creating new paths forward.

Which one feels better to you?

That’s the feeling you want to have guiding you!



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