10 Ways That Challenges Can Create Big Breakthroughs

May 21, 2020 | Creativity


Challenges can create breakthroughs.

While I don’t seek out challenge, I know when the challenges arrive there’s something here to learn to move all of life higher.

The enormous challenge facing the world right now has landed for everyone differently. I have no grand perspective to add on what this means on some mass global level because I’m in it with every one of you and I know it’s not been the same for everyone.

What it’s moved me to do lately is some big reflection on the challenges of the past that were also life-changing for the best. I wouldn’t want to repeat them, but I’m grateful to have had an open mind and desire to see something of a silver lining.

All this work I do now– the whole Feng Shui method that’s grounded in infinite possibility, creativity and intention– is a product of moving past some of the most precarious times. My favorite things about myself were all gained not from rainbows and unicorns but from obstacles, walls to scale, mountains to climb in all ways.

Working with thousands of people over the years, I’ve seen lots of similar transformations from so many people that were set in motion by times that felt beyond uncertain.

Today, let’s look at some of what might be gained from challenge. It’s by no means a complete list, but it’s been incredibly affirmative to keep these things in the front of my mind and hopefully it will be for you, too.

Challenges can create incredible clarity.

When life shows us examples of what we don’t want it can move us to clarify what we do want, and often clarity is gained even when we didn’t realize how much it was needed.

Under pressure of obstacles, I have seen people become so clear about what they need and want and desire to create that it launches them like a slingshot forward in life!

Simplifying life becomes easier.

When things become more trying, there’s no time or bandwidth left for needless chores, living up to impossible standards that don’t even feel good or a whole lot of other “busy work” and pressure that is thankless.

Sometimes you can eliminate tons of life clutter permanently while facing a challenging time and rising above it.

Clutter falls away faster.

Clutter makes us feel stuck. It reinforces stuck-ness. It makes things feel much worse because it drags the energy down around us.

Letting do of lots of clutter can be more decisive, even more freeing and more rewarding.

Creative risks can feel simpler when there’s “nothing to lose.”

Some of the wildest and most successful things I’ve ever done came out of challenging times. I perceived that I had nothing to lose so I finally gave myself permission to move forward and get some things done.

While it took me a while to break the pattern of “needing” to feel there was a challenge in order to grow, it’s great in times like these that present many challenges to have this inner knowing that challenge can also be a creative catalyst!

Less-obvious and less-than-helpful habits can rise to your attention so they can be quit for good.

Self-sabotaging patterns that you don’t usually notice can become incredibly clear. Of course, this is an incredibly opportunity to make life-changing decisions.

Re-direction can be the most incredible blessing.

When you’re pulled off of one path by adverse conditions, you might just be given the best path. I listed to Oprah talk about how she was essentially “demoted” from her news anchor job early in her career and re-assigned to the talk show. That’s some world-changing re-direction right there!

You might lose a job and meet your soulmate. (My friend did!) You might leave a relationship and watch your career take flight.

Priorities can shift to even more love.

A time of serious illness re-prioritized my life permanently 16 years ago, and for that I am grateful. I’ve seen this happen with so many challenges in so many ways.

You often get to see the true colors of many people and de-clutter accordingly!

It’s wild how clear it can become.

It’s easier to deeply focus and commit to spiritual practices and other positive-change-making practices.

One great blessing of challenge for me has been the chance to strengthen my spiritual practice, to develop more faith within myself and also faith in the greater good of the universe.

When you really need or want something (including: feeling better!), your focus can deepen, your sincerity can sharpen and the results can transform your life way beyond this time of crisis.

You might even find ways to find even more stability within yourself so you are less likely to be rocked by external circumstances.

That’s the beauty of getting aligned. Or, better said, getting yourself firmly grounded in your power. This is where you know that you always have choices you can make, you can create your life and you can create more and more positive outcomes.

We may not be able to control life, but we have more creative power than we often give ourselves credit for, and we can use challenges to create breakthroughs!



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