Feng Shui To Support You Through Transformational Times

Jun 7, 2020 | Creativity


We are in a time of incredible transformation, and you don’t need me to tell you that.

Even the cosmic tides– including six eclipses this year (both lunar and solar), massive and rare planetary transits all coming together– all point to fundamental change that’s foundational.

Deep, true, permanent transformation.

I’m weary of quick-fixes and fads for many reasons. Mainly because they never work..

It’s the difference between treating a symptom and actually healing something completely.

I have no sweeping answers to systemic injustice and racism in my country or in the world at large, nor do I have the key to dissolve a global pandemic.

What I do have is a lots experience watching people deeply transform their lives and continue to transform them. I never do transformation “for” anyone. I don’t do feng shui “for” anyone either; we do it together or I provide a framework you can customize for yourself.

I’ve always been committed to supporting transformation in ways that honor who you are, where you are at and where you want to go next.

There’s no one way to make massive change because we’re all absolutely unique, but I wanted to share some energy principles that are a part of my Feng Shui method that are largely universal.

If you don’t know where to begin making changes, I hope they are helpful. And, if you’ve been on this journey of transformation for a long time, I hope they’re great reminders or more perspective.

In so many ways, most Feng Shui and all it’s “cures” tossed around are thought to be this “wham-bam” instant quick fix, and that’s deeply disappointing and one of the reasons I stayed away from Feng Shui professionally for so long. I’ve seen the results of quick fixes and I’ve seen what happens when I’ve given my power away to other people to give me this absolute way to whatever solution I was looking for— they generally amount to absolutely nothing. And, in the process, I’ve been left feeling defeated, disappointed and disconnected from myself.

As I said, I have no absolute ways to solve any major world issues and no prescriptions that are one-size-fits-all for personal change.

You are not a template. You’re a genius-filled, unique and infinitely valuable person with your own gifts, needs and story. I honor that.

Energy principles are universal in many ways because they can be customized and applied in an infinite number of ways.

These principles have guided and supported tons of massive transformation:

One thing that has not yet failed me is to start making changes by being grounded and staying more grounded.

Even if the ground feels like it’s shaky, we are all supported by the Earth. It’s the ultimate in creative energy.

The root chakra– the very base of our energy system– has everything to do with how grounded and safe we feel on a biological level. It is where our manifesting power begins. It’s where we feel we are either merely surviving or we are thriving.

All the rest of the energy that supports our life begins here.

Everyone has an innate right and mandate within their own personal energy system to feel safe, to feel well and to feel one with the earth.

When that safety and security is threatened, exhaustion, stress, burn-out and anxiety take over.

We all need a foundation to build upon and the very root chakra is that energetic foundation that responds to being more grounded in the Earth.

You can meditate, doing a simple visualization or breathing exercises to fortify your root chakra.

I made this video years ago with easy exercises I still come back to today to get more grounded:

Realize everything has the potential to transform.

One of the more magical and practical and scientifically proven aspects of some Eastern thought and Buddhist philosophy is that even OBJECTS can attain enlightenment.

Everything is energy. So when you actively set out to elevate energy you can literally re-shape the energy that composes everything so that it is higher, lighter and more supportive to you.

For example, you can clean something right now that hasn’t been cleaned in a long time, and as you do, stay focused on filling that object with love.

Notice how it feels afterward.

It’s remarkable how much power we have within us to make this kind of change.

While it’s far easier to clean a mirror than to completely restructure society– it is absolutely possible.

Long term practice, commitment and action creates powerful change.

The longer we practice things, consciously or unconsciously, the deeper they get imprinted into our energy field as well as our mind itself.

If you’re looking to completely eradicate a belief, a bias, a habit or all of the above, it is a practice that starts with love.

Guilt and shame are valid emotions to feel and process, but that’s not where you want to dwell emotionally if you’re wanting to transform.

Instead, move toward courage. And stay there, doing the practice daily.

Check out where courage is on the scale of emotion. It’s the tipping point on the emotional scale where we move from feeling powerless to being incredibly powerful.

Feel all the feelings and consciously choose to keep on elevating.

Old paradigms of society that no longer work– inciting fear, shaming, blame, greed– are being flushed out to move us into the bands of true power, love and joy that are epic and transformational in themselves.

There’s no lucky charm for this.

If you have a personal lucky charm thats meaningful, that’s amazing. But the commodification of transformation (“buy this black onyx bracelet for your wealth”, “buy this statue for love”…”buy this special coffee for your brain power”…) is not something I endorse.

There may be lots of tools, crystals, drinks and more that speak to you and support you… but they are not doing the transformation for you. You are the magic wand. You are your luckiest charm. If you’ve got ’em and love ’em, that’s great, but you certainly don’t need them in order to succeed.

Create space for transformation.

Whether you’re clearing closets or deeply clearing your mind in meditation, this clearing is essential.

And, be willing to embrace the new.

It’s very hard to build the new if you’re stuck on the old ways.

It’s incredibly hard to create breakthroughs if you’re deeply resistant to change.

Again, with al things, learning new things, applying them and practicing all of it makes it easier to make big changes step-by-step.

You wouldn’t take one swimming lesson after not knowing how to swim for a lifetime and do a triathlon that involved miles of swimming in the ocean the next day, right? You’d start probably start in a pool with lessons and practice often. You might need more advanced lessons, you might need to troubleshoot, and you might even have some fears to conquer along the way before you even get into the ocean for the first time.

You can put more time in and get confident at swimming much faster but, the work usually can’t be skipped over.

Whether you’re changing a habit, starting a new business, up-leveling your creative life, becoming an activist or becoming a better friend or partner in relationships, it’s all daily awareness in action and it’s ok to not have it all done overnight.

Stay open to all this positive, empowering change.

The more open you are, the more you can bring your full self to the process, and that’s where the breakthroughs begin.



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