Three Ways To Embrace Your Unstoppable Creative Power!

Jun 23, 2020 | Creativity


Yes, you are and yes, you can!

Today’s Feng Shui is all about the energy the enhances our lives as super-powerful creators!

Challenge yourself to do things you haven’t done before– expanding into new dimensions!

You can move energy with your mind. You can move energy with your concentration.

While I’ve never been able to concentrate enough to bend a metal spoon or a fork, there are people who swear that it’s possible, and they’re not cheating. The metal bends effortlessly to the will of the spoon-bender.

It’s my goal to concentrate that much and bend a spoon using my will and intention, but in the meantime, I’ve been practicing using my concentration to stretch in new ways.

New forms of exercise where you are focused can be one incredible way to stretch yourself, bit-by-bit, into new strength and alignment. Pilates has been the greatest challenge for me since April, and the greatest game-changer for my body, mind, posture and sense of strength from within.

You can: watch some videos and learn new exercise routines at home, take longer walks to new places, learn a new swimming technique and apply it in the pool, or simple concentrate more on what you’re doing with an open heart and mind to make it more of a next-level endeavor.

New recipes, new languages to learn, new skills, new rituals, new pursuits– all of it will enhance your flexibility and keep your energy in greater flow!

Own your style– including your voice, your ideas, your intentions– all of it!

Your style is uniquely you. The ways you see the world are unique.

For so many years I developed my own way of working with the core principles of Feng Shui and I was not apt to take it seriously enough to share it widely because… it was so “me” it was a bit intimidating.

This whole method shared on the blog and taught in The School of Intention is grounded in Infinite Possibility, Creative Awakening and Intention– and the synergy and methodology was a creative project that took a long time for me to “own” in a way big enough that I would even think of doing it as a profession vs. a passion project.

If I were more confident in my voice and ideas 16 years ago when I started working with Feng Shui, this would have arrived out in the world much sooner than ten years ago, but, regardless, I am so grateful that it did.

Now, I listen to my ideas and intention so much more than I ever have. It’s been a constant practice. I talk about it more (along with a whole lot more) on this episode of Julie Reisler’s You-est You Podcas

If you want to strengthen your personal voice , style and belief in all that is your genius– practice every day.

Speak up when you’d be inclined to remain uncomfortably silent.

Practice and develop your gifts and talents. They are meant to be practiced — and this practice infuses your life with magnetic energy.

Trust what feel best to you. Even with small things to start. As you go, you’ll find you start trusting yourself with your final opinions on things, deferring to your intuition so much more for guidance.

Lean into uncertainty– because all new things are uncertain.

Yes, we are in times that feel incredibly uncertain. But, there’s always been uncertainty, always, but because we’ve never been in this situation before with so much world change at an intense pace in our lifetimes it can seem hard to navigate.

Every new thing– the new job, the new business, the new love– contains as much promise as it does uncertainty. But, we tend to lean into the promise and possibility when we love and want something a lot, you know?

So, what if uncertainty was showing us the way into more possibility?

On this episode of This Might Get Uncomfortable with my friends Jason and Whitney we talk a lot about this idea and navigating into more of the promise in every day.

What if every day you leaned into something new and felt the possibility and promise shining stronger than the fear?

What if you focused in on the best case scenarios much more?

What if you expected more things to work out for you every day?

These three things, according to science and research, are all proven to create more abundant and positive outcomes!

I’m not suggesting there isn’t hard work, fear, anger and a huge array of valid and important emotions that are a part of our lives.

There are all of these things, and they are so vital.

This isn’t about dismissing challenge, ignoring the tasks and obstacles or sweeping things under the carpet.

It’s about deciding more and more than despite all these things, or maybe even propelled by them, we can all expand our creative power and use it to make our lives and communities much brighter.

You are a super powerful creator.



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