10 Life-Changing Personal Projects You Can Complete In The Next Six Months!

Jun 24, 2020 | Prosperity


There are many things happening in the world at once.

I want to look back at the posts from this past year and remember this as a positive turning point that led to great breakthroughs. Living in it, I can see the many long overdue positive shifts and so much that is… vastly different from anything one could expect.

Cosmically, there are the most rare combination of astrological events and phenomena. From all the eclipses to massive overall energy changes we haven’t seen in centuries… things are new.

No matter when it is in the calendar year, the next six months can be a time where you emerge in a completely new stratosphere if you pick your projects and see them through to a whole new level in life.

Today, I’ll share ten projects you can customize and commit to — each that can be a radical shift into more of your power, self-expression, joy and abundance in all ways!

Here are ten projects that, while they can be done faster, can absolutely be mastered in six months– and, in my experience and the experience of my clients, each and any one of them can create massive transformation in your life.

While you can do more than one, I wouldn’t pile on too many at once. Powerful change is supercharged by a lot of focus.

One of the key things for me in deciding where I want to focus is that I need to always be working on something– something— that is entirely new or new in the way I’m doing it. Part of expansion is that there’s some exciting unchartered territory in the mix!

Clearing your clutter completely:

Daily, do some clutter clearing in a small space. Don’t get discouraged. Do the easy things first. You will make it through to the very end of this project and… every step along the way you’ll experience the benefits.

Clearing space will bring you peace, clarity, joy, creativity, increased well-being and pretty much every love-filled emotion you can imagine.

Writing your book/ Birthing your creative projects:

Yes, it’s a big deal to write your book, launch your new business or add a whole new skill-set to your existing business.

It often takes cleverness to carve out the time you need, to edit, to create more, to scrap early versions, to start over or shift gears mid-way through– but it will get done.

I wrote the draft of my first novel at 22 in about one month and spent four more editing it completely. Even though I never published it (or, I should say, I haven’t yet) — it changed my life completely to finish that project. It brought me massive opportunities, relationships, adventures and unparalleled creative confidence.

(this is a great inspiration from mom edit)

Developing your personal style:

“But,” you might be thinking, “isn’t this so superficial?”

Yes, it is, but your style is a reflection of you at a deeper level and how you show up for every day.

You don’t need to buy a huge wardrobe. Pull out what you have and start editing. What will you never wear again? What have you not tried to mix and match? What did you forget you had? What needs to be ironed, washed or repaired?

Right now I’m very close to having a large capsule wardrobe that is so exciting, it’ll really revolutionize my days to get “dressed up” daily in new ways.

Why can this take six months, you might ask?

Well, you’ll feel out colors, styles, seasonal needs and also… learning how to mix and match more effectively. You might do a clothing swap with friends, sell things online that you don’t wear, make donations of things that are wonderful that you don’t want to sell….

This is an excellent video to get started if you want to create a streamlined, mix-and-matchable wardrobe:

And, even if you’re not really leaving your house much lately, I promise you it’s still life-changing to get dressed up every day and style outfits for yourself.

Transforming your fitness:

In the words of Joseph Pilates, if you commit to Pilates practice:

“In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see a difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body”

In four months of practicing Pilates, you can revolutionize your body. I am halfway there, working in a small group Mat Pilates class two hours a week on Zoom (email me- dana@fengshuidana.com if you want details) and I can tell you that by the end of six months I won’t be able to recognize my posture, my core strength, my energy and my overall physical confidence. It’s already dramatic how much things have changed and there’s no turning back now!

That said, as with any new fitness routine, starting on a gradient, building up to higher levels, staying consistent and getting enough rest are all essential.

Cardio makes your mind sharper, and lights up your brain in so many ways, plus it’s awesome for your cardiovascular system.

Yoga and Pilates can be mediative, expansive and re-aligning for your energy and your body.

Weight training can build bone mass, transform your body composition and rev up metabolic rates.

And, this is coming from a novice. The benefits of all of the above are far more vast and transformational than I’ve described!

Creating an upgraded abundance mindset:

If you want to “think richer” the time to start is today.

An abundance mindset isn’t gained by a quick trick. It’s an ongoing practice so that your mind will reach for the most abundant thoughts.

That said, every single day you practice an abundant mindset you are experiencing the benefits. Right now. Today.

Affirm the wealth in your life by writing it in a journal every day. Practice visualizing the things that you want and need.

This simple video on Manifesting can help you to get started with mindset shifts in a big way–

Learning a new skill on a professional level:

Invest in yourself where your training is involved and learning is involved. The more skills you have that are valuable, the more you’ll be able to create in the world. I spend an enormous amount of time, money and energy constantly expanding my skills. Every time I do, the opportunities and abundance expands in my life.

If you’ve wanted to be Certified as a Professional in Feng Shui in this revolutionary method, The School of Intention Professional Feng Shui Certification is coming later this Summer. Sign up HERE for details on the next session! Not only is it a six-month training, it’s always expanding and you can join in every single session in the future (*for no charge) when you start now. I design all my programs this way– constant immersion– because consistent growth is so essential to me, and it’s such a thrill to provide and share!

Taking on a leadership role in helping your community:

If you want to really create change, find a way to be on the frontlines of change in ways that are meaningful to you. Whatever change you want to see in the world is what you can contribute to in your own best ways.

You might be a community organizer for political groups, an advocate, a mentor, a fundraiser, a volunteer….

My friend started an animal rescue on 2017 while running three businesses. Every bit of her business expanded when she added that meaning to her life. It took about six months to get into a groove and have a leadership role in this way, but it was epic in every single way.

Reorganizing your accounting:

Money flows where your attention goes, and if your attention is on messy accounting, that is not ideal for what you are wanting to create!

Organizing your money is major. You may need some help from accountants, bank professionals or other advisers but this learning and real structure– knowing what you’re spending, saving, investing, earning– can take time to build but you’ll do it!

One member of The Feng Shui Cash Camp joined in 2018 when she was self-described as “broke” and just paid off her whole home mortgage, did two major professional trainings for her self-and-career development and is 100% debt free.

That came from consistent action and learning. And, yes, you can do it!

Growing a super-productive garden:

I have been enchanted with Square Foot Gardening since I was a young child. Using methods from Square Foot Gardening you can maximize small spaces and have huge harvests. You can fit three or five times as many plants in a small space and grow tons of food efficiently.

This isn’t the only gardening technique. There are so many– permaculture methods, potted gardens, different types of raised beds, hydroponics– that you can explore.

The idea here is that in six months you can have a well-created system and be harvesting many harvests if you start now!

Gardening can be a huge power source in all rich and thrilling ways.

Feng Shui’ing and transforming your whole home:

While I can get your Feng Shui done with you in a few hours and give you a blueprint, it typically takes about six months (sometimes less, sometimes more) to finish every long-term design, organization, energizing and transformation project we decide on together.

I have lived in my house for nearly three years and I’m still working on upgrading projects.

But, as with all things, every single project is life-changing!

You can download the Feng Shui 1010 e-book HERE and get started.

You’ll be so so glad you started today on any big project you’ve been thinking about!

Commit, create and keep on going!!!



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