Six Feng Shui Ways To Set Yourself Up For All Kinds Of Success!

Jun 25, 2020 | Uncategorized

You can create spaces that support your success on so many levels. It’s one of the most awesome powers of Feng Shui in my practice: creating spaces where you shine and thrive!

There are thousands of Feng Shui ways to set up a space for success, and today I thought it would be fun to focus in on a few big ones I’ve got going on today that always make a huge difference!

Vinegar + Water Wash: It goes without saying at this point in the thousands of posts on the blog that a clean house is a more vibrant house, but today I’m focusing in on the kind of cleaning that is both energy clearing a potent cleansing.

I mix 50-50 vinegar and water to wipe down the windows, and then add about 25% vinegar to water to mop the floors. When I mop, I vacuum first and I make sure the mop is just damp and not saturated. It’s way more neat and effective!

There are herb infused vinegars and other blends that have historic meaning in many traditions, but I find that simple works great, especially right now.

Polishing up your closet: If the only thing you can do right now is iron or steam and re-hang and organize your clothes, that is a major thing. If you can get deep into more de-cluttering this is life-changing. And, if you need to do something to make more space for the things you do love (8here you can witness my 50 new hangers flung from their box so I can dive in and start re-hanging everything!), I find that slim hangers that are velvety save tons of space and allow me to keep everything in order.

Get your fundamental tools in order: What do you need to do your work every day and stay on top of things? What are the fundamentals? Chances are you may need a working phone, a computer that is clean and as updated as possible… And, maybe you need a camera, a calculator, a set of highlighters or a legal pad to take notes…. Or, cooking supplies, cleaning supplies…

What do you need that is key to living your life and doing whatever work you do every day?

These fundamental tools don’t need to be fancy. They need to be ready to go.

My brand new mechanical pencils for sketching, planning and calendars were about $8.00 and will last me for the better part of a year, some much longer. Refills are extremely inexpensive. These are the investments I like to make no matter how much money I have to spend.

I don’t need fancy lenses for my camera– instead I am learning to use the camera and the lens properly. But, wow did that camera change my work life completely! It was a necessity, and, caring for it, it’s a long-term investment that keeps paying off!

Your tools can be minimal, basic and simple — but get them gathered up and ready!

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Streamline every bit of storage: From pantry to desk drawers and everywhere in between, streamlining is where it’s at! You’ll know what you have, you’ll restore order and flow to it all… and, you’ll activate so much energy in your home and life as you do it!

You don’t need fancy jars and containers, as cute as it can be. What you need is a sense of what you reach for, what’s important to you and what space you need for long-term storage– then you can dive in to sort and create new order!

olatz schnabel bedroom

Bedroom blackout curtains can be life-changing: One superior way to fast-forward toward more success is more sleep and deeper sleep. If you don’t have blackout curtains yet, I am talking a lot about them this season because I’m feeling like a dramatically changed person over the last six months of having them. Even when I sleep less, I sleep so much deeper. I don’t think you’ll regret this if you have a sunny bedroom!

Make your goal and wish list very clear and prominent so it’s all in the front of your mind: Clear goals are mobilizing and energizing. Keep it someplace handy and look at it morning and night.

For extra Feng Shui magic, you might want to keep it stored in a red envelope! You can learn more about Red Envelopes here!

You may have accounting, sorting, repairing, building or other projects to complete to set yourself up for more success.

I’m going to complete the six above today (*I’ve got four to go)!

And, while it might take me a solid set of hours to get through it all, it’s going to be the greatest thing I do for my well-being and creative life- as well as success in all ways– so here I go!

Have so much fun creating space for success to flow freely!



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