Energy Shifts To Tap Into More Infinite Abundance!

Jun 26, 2020 | Prosperity

There is so much abundance everywhere. Even in the most unexpected places like the midst of challenges, changes and general upheaval, there is so much abundance everywhere.

While there are infinite ways to tap into infinite abundance, today I wanted to share a few powerful energy shifts that have been top of mind in the midst of so much change and transformation.

Focus Practice:

If you haven’t tried a focusing practice, it’s something that can be done for as little as a few minutes a day and it can be so amazing to quiet the mind and exercise the habit of paying attention.

I have used a lit candle flame, a piece of art I love or even a favorite tree when I’m out in a park as a point of focus. I sit, breathe and pay attention. And just like with “closed eyes” meditation, when my mind wanders, it’s time to come back to focus.

This works best for me when my phone is off so I’m not diverted unnecessarily.

I sit, breathe, and pay attention to only that one thing.

Digging Deeper:

Whether it’s deeper cleaning and scrubbing or deeper introspection, a lot of profound and fundamental change happens when you go beneath the surface.

To expand like more, I’ve been called to dig deeper into my work habits to see where I’m wasting time that could be better invested in you, and this blog and all that I love to share.

I’ve dug deeper into my home re-organization and found huge spaces that were underutilized (three big areas) that have made life enormously better.

When I dig deeper into my way of Feng Shui — a method I evolved over the last 16 years– I was able to articulate and teach that method for the first time in The School Of Intention Feng Shui Certification Program. Before I did this much deeper dive, there was no way I was ready to teach and share this work on a professional level.

Every deep dive– whether it’s emotional cleansing, higher learning, decluttering or house cleaning — leads to a new level of expansion.

Loving The Details:

My friend told me recently how she longed for the experience of the Farmer’s Market that was visceral– selecting each piece of fruit, smelling the flowers and gathering them into her own bouquets, talking with artisans, snacking on delectable treats sold on the outskirts of the market, street-side.

Every detail, curve, hue and moment was a fully embodied one.

Right now, as I type this, the pandemic is still in a surge in Los Angeles. There’s no touching, nibbling, smelling the roses or chit-chat. When the joy got stripped from that experience, she took to grabbing her produce from the Market in a more perfunctory way and then heading out for several hour long walks through back streets and paths little travelled in the city. There are wild flowers, there are incredibly intricate architectural monuments. There are new details to register, delight in and feel one with.

Everything became whole again in the details.

If you embrace the details– from the words you write, perhaps editing messages before sending, to the meals you cook and everything in between– you’ll find there’s a wealth of tips to learn and upgrades to make.

There are new colors to mix on the palette and new methods to shampoo your hair.

In fact, I just learned a new method and wow is it life-changing: using only two dime size dollops of shampoo (one for the font of my head and one for the back) and only scrubbing the scalp in a side to side motion– not scrubbing the hair at all. Some hair types will need a little more shampoo but nothing like the palm-full that I was using!

I know that was a tangent, but I genuinely get excited by learning new ways to do things that make them so much better!

Celebrate Abundance:

I know, roll your eyes if you must. But then, take a look:

How dissatisfied are you with the abundance in your life?

How much do you enjoy the abundance in your life?

Is everything good in your life followed by a “but…”?

For example–

“I have a great house but I don’t own it and can’t afford the one I really want.”

“I have so much love in my life but I don’t know where my soulmate is and it makes everything else miserable.”

“I love my career but… I have money in savings but… I am in great health but…


There’s something to be said for perpetual dissatisfaction. It is a real dream-killer. There’s never going to be satisfaction if every good thing in life gets compared to something that’s missing.

It’s demoralizing, upsetting, frustrating and the opposite of what you need if you want to really expand!

So, let’s stick to appreciating what’s here right now.

And, then, let’s pile up the celebrations for all the abundance that exists.

For instance:

I have a lot of baking soda in my pantry so I can make a really refreshing detox bath later today!

A friend is stopping by to pick something up so I can have a chat in real life with her today; plus, I can help her out with something which is really a celebration!

I also realize I have all the ingredients to make my favorite freezer chocolate. (recipe is here)

That’s three ways I can really enjoy the things I have today.

You might make a new meal, make new crafts with supplies in your house, have a Zoom party with old friends… or… truly, the sky’s the limit.

Enjoy more without a “but.”

It’s amazing how much you can multiply when you start from a good place!

It’s all these energy shifts– practices, awareness, new perspectives– that help to move us onto all the best paths.

More infinite abundance is always present if we’re open to it!



P.S.:  The School of Intention Professional Feng Shui Certification is now OPEN.

Here’s where you can learn more about the next session of The School of Intention! 



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