The Tipping Point That Dramatically Changes Everything!

Jun 27, 2020 | Creativity


You don’t have to wait to reach a real tipping point where you’re forced into action before you make big changes, but: sometimes it’s what has to happen.

Sometimes you don’t see, in daily life, the ways that things are playing out.

Sometimes you miss the red flags or ignore the little leak because you’re busy, there’s too much to do and by the time you have time for yourself you just want to have that time to do nothing.

Sometimes you’ve already resigned to the idea that “the ways things are is just the way things ” are and you’ll have to settle for them.

And then, life shows you quietly or loudly: “NO.”

No settling, no ignoring, no looking back, no waiting and no excuses.

If you’re getting these signs and signals (more on what I’ve observed to come, and by no means is it a complete list), your time of transformation starts the moment you decide to go for it!

I reached a point-of-no-return tipping point soon after the global health crisis began. My thoughts and actions were magnified. I barely moved around without “going out” somewhere and going out was not an option. Within two weeks I had the choice of giving up to a lethargy and stagnation that was weighing me down like a sack of lead or– I could rise.

I created a whole home workout area. I bought trampoline, and didn’t miss a day of bouncing. I started doing other mind-training surrounding my fitness, including a vision board dedicated to this goal I set that seemed very lofty in terms of my “newly gained athletic abilities.” I started Mat Pilates with the best trainer (message me for her details, it’s magic online) and started Yoga/Tai Chil and Qi Gong to address other areas of my flow and integrated wellbeing.

Each step, I didn’t turn back, keep braving new learning, stretching myself. And, I can’t turn back because I look and feel better than I have in my whole entire life.

The only reason I didn’t stop was because the situation was a tipping point.

It was so profound that I couldn’t look away.

I didn’t need to wait until the whole city shut down to take a more profound approach to fitness, but I did. And, the universe showed me the paths ahead. I had to choose.

Tipping points have hit me in my past– massive health crisis, major money meltdown 16 years ago, storming out of not 1 but 2 jobs where I worked for insane bosses that were found both to be criminals, and many more– and in those challenging times, it’s also time of enormous growth if I chose the path of not looking back and only forging forward.

It can be characterized by– massive fatigue, rollercoaster emotions, mounting problems, incredible drama, constant draining nonsense– and a deep desire to make a huge change like never before!

You’ve likely been there–

You leave the toxic ex, burn every love note and launch into a period of travel and personal growth so profound it puts Eat, Pray, Love to shame.

You decide after an era of stress that you’re packing up your bags and starting a new career completely.

And on and on.

You may not know what comes next, but you know it’s something you can’t say “No” to because it feels so right.

If you feel you’re on the verge of a massive life change and you’re ready to make the most of it, you can prepare energetically:

Organize your house.

Start an introspective practice to fuel yourself. Meditate. Daydream.

Spend time in baths, showers, pools or the sea connecting to the power of water.

Sleep a lot.

Be good to yourself.

Every one of these– “am I really doing this?!” moments has been something I now see as the mot important I’ve lived so far.

As I sit on the verge of one more… I am ready to choose the path to all things excellent! And, I know you are, too!



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