Are You Trying To Fit Your Life Into A Structure That’s Holding You Back?

Jun 30, 2020 | Creativity

Have you been feeling like you’re always behind, stressed by your schedule, overwhelmed by how much there is to do or otherwise just not feeling the freedom and possibility that you want?

If you’ve been trying really hard to create a schedule and stick to it, that’s very awesome.

But, it may not be the schedule for you if it’s been a struggle to stick with that schedule.

While you may not be able to change your job structure and many aspects of that part of your day dramatically, how we design the rest of our time is something we do have control over.

Today, let’s look at a few ways you can expand the abundance in your life by creating a flow in our days that’s much more aligned with who we are and how we feel.

Are you trying to make yourself fit into a “successful person” schedule that checks off all the habits-rituals-actions on the “successful person” lists that people talk about– but it isn’t for you?

For example: are you finding yourself always running late, always behind and always skipping steps on your “success-based” schedule?

Chance are it isn’t success-based and it’s not for you, but it may be causing you stress, sadness, guilt and other emotions that are damning.

Dump the million success strategies and pick your actions based on what fuels you and really leaves you feeling amazing. Do one, two or three of them a day. Add more when those are flowing well and you’re ready for a new boost of creativity and inspiration.

The first time I did this I stopped doing all “rituals-strategies-habits” and slept later every day then took extra time in the shower and getting ready in a leisurely way.

The results? 100,000% more successful!

Also, let’s zoom out and look at this other big question:

Are you trying to fit yourself into being and acting like someone who isn’t you?

When I had a 16 hour high-powered job in a very very high profile environment that was like a fish tank with all eyes on you all the time, I felf I had to morph into another person completely — dressing, acting, speaking in ways that were nothing like me- in order to thrive.

As a result, I was doubly-exhausted — the pretending and the work combined took a toll– and I was literally gleeful the day that job ended.

I got myself back.

Now, in hindsight, besides the dress code, I had a lot of opportunity to actually be myself but I didn’t take it because I was so radically different from my environment.

So, you don’t have to quit your job to be more of yourself every day. You just have to be willing, as I wasn’t then but now would be, to be yourself a little bit more.

Of course, you might even be called to gradually transition your professional or personal life even more.

Making the bolder choices.

Pivoting in new directions.

When students reach out to talk to me before they join in The School of Intention Feng Shui training, they often tell me, “I’m finally ready to be the artist that I am!” Or, “I’m ready to finally use my talents in the world to create bigger changes!”

I feel that.

It’s not about data or knowledge, it’s about allowing your full self to be expressed.

This is powerful practical magic.

Any time you sense you’ve been trying to squeeze yourself into a template that isn’t reflecting you at all, you’ll know it–

It’ not interesting. It’s stressful. You have no motivation. There’s no clear way forward that feels good. You second guess yourself. You’re not feeling it at all.

Those are time to lean more into who you are and start making decisions to guide yourself back to the more compelling actions, the better schedule, the lighter feelings.

It always leads to the best paths forward!




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