Staying Committed To Your Goals Is A Daily Practice!

Jul 1, 2020 | Creativity

staying committed to your goals

Staying committed  to your goals is definitely a daily practice.

You know when you make a big decision, a huge commitment…and it’s so exciting?

It may even be exciting for a few days or a week to show up and stay on track doing what you’ve committed to doing.

After all, it feels great, you’re loving it. So much is being accomplished. It’s exciting and so much momentum is building.

Now, the day comes where you slept too late, got too busy, got distracted… and, well, it’s reasonable to skip a day.

But, by tomorrow, again, even more stuff creeps into the calendar that makes it just “impossible.”

And when I ask people months later why they stopped doing something they’ll say:

“I was so committed and then it just… I don’t know what happened!”

I get it. I’ve done it thousands of times. You may be doing it too.

It’s a myth that a hero makes just one big decision and that decision turns life around without any follow-up action. We see it in movies, read about it in books… This one big commitment is a mystical moment and it kicks off a series of events that come together brilliantly to support the hero all the way to his or her pot of gold.

But, in real life, the hero makes a commitment and keeps on re-committing every day, sometimes multiple times a day, to getting things done. Especially with so many distractions. It’s messy at times, uncomfortable at others and incredibly exciting, always.

That big decision is important: it sets the gears in motion. 

But, you need to keep committing to that decision to see the huge results. 

And, that’s what today’s energy shifting is all about– the practice of making a commitment. It really is a practice.

It’s a bit easier to stay committed to things you will be held accountable for. For example– meeting work deadlines. For ourselves it can be more challenging.

If you’re finding it hard to hold up your personal commitments to yourself, this may make it easier:

It isn’t always going to be easy.

There, I said it.

It isn’t always easy to do things that are enormously fulfilling. Running a marathon isn’t easy-breezy for a large majority of people who do it, but it’s worth it. Healing isn’t always easy but it’s vital. Writing a novel isn’t just some miraculous feat where am intricate story lands perfectly from pen or keyboard to page.

It’s all commitment.

Let go of the myth that you just need to make one commitment and, instead, wake up to re-commit to yourself and your priorities.

You may want to wake up and decide before you get started with your day that you are making the commitment today to that fitness plan, the novel you’re writing or just about anything else.

Commit now.

And, then, when the day get’s crazy and you lose motivation and you’re ready to let it slide and thinking of all the things you’d be better off doing… because they’re easier… because you’re more in the mood…

Commit again.

This is not science nor is it new.

But it evades many of us, even those of us “dedicated” to personal growth.

There are so many reasons, ideas, philosophies and more than can be far more bright and shiny in a moment than practicing the language you want to learn.

Commit in those moments.

Refresh the energy.

Imagine how many buildings wouldn’t have been built, how many masterpieces not made and how many hue scientific breakthroughs would not have happened if every day those artists and thought leaders had to be “in the mood” to do their work!!!

Imagine how many opportunities you’d have missed if you only did things you absolutely felt like doing that were absolutely simple to do!!!

But, yet it’s easy to let that stuff slide.

Of course, you have to really want or need what you’re working toward. But, you may not be 100,000% in the perfect mood every step on the journey to that goal.

That’s when the re-commitment comes in.

If I didn’t commit and re-commit to writing I’d have about 100 articles on this blog with 4000+ posts. In the last few months, especially, but quite dramatically in the last year and a half or so, I started writing “only when I feel like it.” It was such a stealthy slide, from seven articles to one, if that, every week. It felt weird, but I kept being reasonable and coming up with more reasons to do other things even though I love this blog.

So, here I am, back and committed and even writing at 7:00pm or 10:00pm if that’s what happens!

It feels so good. And, while I have this abundant flexibility I’m reveling in it all. Even when I “don’t feel like it.” The difference in my days is remarkable. I have true momentum in all ways.

You deserve to keep your commitments to yourself.

Keep on re-committing.

Show up. Get it done. Come back. Do it again.

Staying committed to your goals is the most worthwhile daily practice. 

It is nothing but completely amazing.

And, you’ll be amazed at how this energy echoes through your whole life!



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