Five Tips For Times When You Feel Overwhelmed By Too Much Information

Jul 3, 2020 | Creativity

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Too much. Too many words. Too much data. News. Information.

Total overload can happen so quickly.

I feel it coming on with a slight dizziness or light-headedness. Some people feel it tensing up their shoulders and neck. It stops me in my creative tracks. I get bored, tired, frustrated and/or deeply unfocused.

It messes with my manifesting power.

It’s not always negative information, I should note, that causes overwhelm for many people. Too much data in general can be an overwhelm, especially when you can’t use or apply that information.

There are a few things that I do– in addition to keeping my phone off more often, taking breaks and staying off internet searches– to revitalize myself after taking in too much information at once.

I can tell you after becoming more of aware of this pattern and stopping in my tracks before I hit total information overload: it brings back creative sparks, interest and passion to get fully out of your head and completely embody your days!


Here are a few energetic shifts that can help you deal with information overload!

Use some of what you’ve learned.

If I just watched three tutorials to clean my stovetop, it’s time to go clean it or, at the very least, it’s time to gather up the stuff I need to clean it.

If I just learned about an important historical event, how can this be of service to my understanding of life in a different way, or how can it inform my actions moving forward? Maybe I’ll journal about it or call a friend to talk about it.

If it’s all “useless”stuff that I’ve read and seen that’s brought me to a place of overwhelm, well, that’s a lesson in itself to stop consuming media and content idly!

Take a shower (or a bath)– because water is a refresh.

I like to take a quick shower when I’m in the middle of an overwhelm of data, imagining the water washing away all the information I don’t need.

Remember that everything is energy and when you’re absorbing lots of data and energy that you don’t need, it can sort of blanket you in unwanted energy.

HERE is more on taking an empowering shower.


Get into the Earth.

Especially when I’ve experienced too much Internet, some time in Nature is incredibly welcome.

There are countless mental and physical health benefits that come from spending more time in Nature.

Walk, hike, swim, garden… even sit with some trees in a park– it’s all incredibly revitalizing.

Sweat it out.

I bounce on a trampoline or do a really demanding workout to get fully out of my mind and re-acquainted with my body.

I feel that it “runs” the data out of my mind (but, of course, that’s my interpretation of the great clear-minded relief it brings.

There are many many excellent benefits of some rigorous exercise — expanded brain power, elevated IQ, lifted moods, stronger memory and more focus to name a few. So, you can’t go wrong to put on your jogging shoes and expand your mind!


And… when the mental momentum is flowing way too much, it’s time to sleep.

One of the greatest rejuvenating aspects of sleep on an energetic level is this deep mind clearing and slowing down.

That said, if you’re in a habit of waking up, checking your phone and launching into a similar day full of too much data (!) as the one before it, now is your opportunity to wake up in a new way!

HERE is more on the power of a morning routine and how to create one that works for you.

It is epically-amazing to learn a lot every day, but it’s just as important to embody that knowledge and live richly every day.

Do both at once and you’ll be thrilled all the time!



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