Ten Ways To Make The Most Of Uncertain Times & Use Them To Expand Your Life!

Jul 4, 2020 | Creativity


Things are always uncertain to some degree, but when our foundations are rocked in some way — the feeling of uncertainty can become amplified.

What if… What next… What… How… I just don’t know…?!

I know. It’s not hard to find a conversation or a news item that sets you into a down-spiral. They are everywhere.

Strangely, and likely due to my own personal history of constant turmoil, I feel I’m sometimes at my best in great uncertainty. I don’t want to say that as an affirmation because I no longer “thrive” exclusively in chaos!

But, I have found a matrix of opportunity and freedom in these wild times.

That’s what we’re going to talk about today!


It’s a time to practice the art of widening the possibilities.

When the old ways are not opening doors or getting results, it’s time to find new ways.

These new ways you find can be the things that make all the difference in the long run.

For example– my pilates teacher had never used Zoom, never taught online and never even focused on mat Pilates. Within an hour of chatting she was set up on Zoom in March, she had full classes and was focused on the Pilates Mat routines. Not only did she expand her business widely to people who could never make it to her classes, she also had huge personal fitness gains (mat Pilates is amazing!) and as her studios open up again, she has a whole new expanded business.

There is always a new way of thinking about doing things, approaching things or getting the solutions you need. Those new innovations can be the real game-changers.

It’s an excellent time to get organized.

Long before 2020, if ever I hit a time where I didn’t know what to do next or if something would happen… I got organized. Big-time.

When you’re more organized– emails answered, things sorted, paperwork dealt with and filed, everything in a place it feels easiest to access– every day becomes more prosperous and fun.

Because there may be deadlines or things to do that are more urgent, it’s an amazing time to stretch into more of your productive superpowers.

When you have deadlines, those are times you can really call upon all your ingenuity, energy and out-of-the-box thinking to get things done.

Shut off all the noise and the phone if you’re not using it.

Brainstorm lists of ideas.

Keep on advancing, getting tons done every day.

Reach out to friends, family and colleagues to collaborate.

Those deadline times can bring out the very best in you when you’re committed to getting it done!


Creativity can flourish.

When you’re being called to innovate you are being called to your creativity on a super-high level.

These are times I pull out my art supplies and play much more.

It’s also an epic time to tune into creativity-enhancing tools like Morning Pages. If you’ve never done them before, you can learn so much more about them HERE.

It can be an ideal time to take risks you’ve wanted to take without much/or any/ fear.

If you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, big risks become so much less daunting because you can’t really “fail.”

Truth is, you’ll never fail if you deeply believe in what you’re doing and you’re doing what’s important to you, full-on, with commitment… but in uncertain times, there’s really little that can fail.

It’s all up from here. So, it’s time to go for it!


Faith and spiritual practice can expand everything.

If you have a spiritual practice, I find that these times of uncertainty help me to strengthen practice and faith. Even if you don’t have a spiritual practice, it’s a time to strengthen faith in yourself.

Remind yourself all day long that you are powerful, you are strong, you are talented and you are triumphing. I often do this looking in a mirror. That extra boost of affirmation looking in a mirror elevates things even more for me!

It’s incredibly easy to cut the drama out of every day.

If you’ve been wanting to ditch the drama, it’s times where things are very tenuous that it’s incredibly easy to sweep that toxic stuff from your life.

It’s been amazing to witness the stories from so many friends of how this year became a definitive turning point to clear life of needless drama.

Your focus can become so much more clear and potent without the noise of distractions.

What you focus on will grow.

And, in times where you are called to action to make decisions, think on your feet, pivot when needed and create new ways of living and doing things… your focus is your magic.

Even the simple act of cleaning off your desk every day can be a focus super-charger. You’re creating space to flourish.

Your personal network of love can get stronger.

If ever I felt magnificently grateful for my true friends, family and love in all ways its been in 2020, every day, all day long.

Support everyone. Reach out when you need support. And, really connect in all positive ways you can, even if you can’t geographically get together right now.

This connection and reconnection will keep your whole life far more magnetic.

And, once you’re confident that you can deal with uncertainty, your whole life can expand so much wider!

Make it through a time of uncertainty and you will feel more confident than ever. Keep on overcoming obstacles, solving problems and finding new paths forward and you’ll be feeling– and living– in flourishing, inspiring and unstoppable ways.

While things may never be 100% certain, you know you can count on yourself to rise, triumph and keep on growing.

I’m here rooting for you and for all of us, collectively, as we build new paradigms in the months and years ahead!



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