One Big Way To Get Ready To Receive More Abundance!

Jul 5, 2020 | Prosperity

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If you want more of anything, it’s great to be prepared for it.

And when it comes to receiving more money, there are so many ways to prepare.

There’s a saying from Abraham Hicks, “Getting ready to be ready to be ready to be ready…” because, there’s always something and, then, the next thing and the next thing to be ready for!

Let’s look at one way you can get ready today to receive way more abundance!


There are many many many Feng Shui ways to open your home and life to more wealth. THIS playlist on YouTube is full of fun ideas to start. You can watch them all and decide what you want to try first!

But, before you do that, you might want to do this first:

That said, there are, quite literally, thousands of ways that my clients, readers, friends and myself, too, have gotten more “energetically prepared” to receive way more money and all kinds of abundance.

There are infinite ways to do it.

I wanted to share one big way to get ready to receive way more money that is easy, fun and incredibly motivating:

Make a list of the things you want.

Yep, make a list.

I make lists of things I want more immediately, within a few months, within a year and also within several years.

I just created a new list of things I want through the end of the year and I’m really excited because I can see what a difference each and every one will make in so many ways.

What’s on my list are all things that serve a larger purpose in my case– whether in wellness or Feng Shui. These are what interest me right now. There are so many other things that are purely for pleasure’s sake on my list for the year ahead as well.

There’s no judgement, though. Wanting things (including experiences, education, new hair colors and travel) run the gamut. No one is more virtuous than another, so write down every thing you’ll buy that is meaningful and exciting.

What matters is that you want it.

And, you can feel excited at the thought of having it.

If writing this list makes you feel overwhelmed, circle some that you want more immediately or in the near future and focus on those first. You can grow on a gradient– opening up to more wealth as you go.

If writing this list makes you feel greedy— congratulations! You’ve discovered where and how you might be stopping yourself from prospering in a bigger way.

If that’s what you discover– recognize all the things you can do with money that can help others. If you get a new juicer, not only can it help you, you can also make juice for your neighbors and friends if you’d like.

Also, recognize that there’s no scarcity or value in self-denial. I am a big money saver– I love saving money. But, also, we have living to do and as we support local businesses and artists and creators, they thrive, too.

Plus, imagine all you can do to financially support charities, family and friends in need.

I mean– this isn’t greedy.

Sure, there are people who make money in unethical ways, hoard it and wield that power in an ugly fashion– but that’s not you!

So, make that list.

Enjoy it.

Believe in it.

And get excited– and stay– excited to receive it all.

It’s one big way to manifest more and get ready to expand in abundance in all ways!



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