Three Ways To Live A Lifestyle Activated By Creative Power!

Jul 8, 2020 | Creativity


Twice a year I teach a group of incredible people this unique method of Feng Shui that’s free of all superstition, fear and other things that have been layered upon these deeply powerful ancient principles of creating harmony and abundance in all ways.

In The School Of Intention we get deep into the core principles that I’ve seen for a decade and a half be the life-changers across the boards– Infinite Possibility, Creative Awakening and Intention.

The training is a Professional immersion in the depths of these principles— and while many people are there to learn to do this work as a career or an expansion of their career, they can’t help but experience big life changes.

I’m all about applied learning. There’s no good for me in quoting data if you can’t use it. How can society change if the learning never gets past the academic? Knowledge is most dramatically powerful when it’s activated.

So, today we’re going to talk about creative activation.

We’re talking about taking your lifestyle to a new level by taking all that you know and using it to craft a lifestyle that galvanizes your passion, focus, energy and abundance in all ways!


How many self-help books have you read that amounted to absolutely nothing or… very little after you put the book down?

How much have you learned or heard about everything to do with wellness and success and so many other things that barely moved the needle forward for you… and, perhaps even triggered negative emotions in the process?

I hear you.

So it’s time to get creative.

There’s an immense amount of great information everywhere that, when actually applied in ways that match you (customized, tailored, made easier) will finally take hold in brilliant changes.

Here are a few ways to activate more of your own creativity in your lifestyle every day. The more you’re living from your creative power, the more you’ll find it somewhat seamless to start branching out and creating your days in ways that work best for you!


Add your custom touch to your morning routine so you can do it and enjoy it.

I’ll give you an example. I wake up and turn on a guided meditation I love and do this (even if I fall back asleep!) before I get out of bed.

Before this, I had this notion that I’d discipline myself into meditation practice that was not happening. I would never do it, when I tried during the day, it felt forced and I had no interest in keeping it up beyond a few minutes.

I still love those five minute meditation breaks when I take them, but they weren’t fulfilling enough.

My best way was to find a video and do it when I was still in bed. I love it, and my day is now “customized” because I start with this focus and energy without force or drudgery.

What creative way can you fit what you’ve wanted to do in the morning into your day without it being forced? You might make breakfast the night before, you might keep a journal on your nightstand… the possibilities are endless. Let it be fun, easy and actually rewarding!


Activate your days with more custom color.

Color is a brilliant energetic touch that’s personal. You might wear a new color, create more colorful plates of food, pull out your brightly colored coffee mugs… it’s all so small but so empowering.

Color is energy and you can customize the energy you select in many ways.

As a kid I’d gravitate toward taking notes in different colors– purple pens, green pens, multicolored notes– and it was a bit of a method for me to enjoy the process and engage in learning.

These are easy switches that can have a huge impact on your life.

“Work” on your mindset like it’s a meeting you have every day with yourself.

Rather than reading about more mindset switches or creating more time every day to watch videos… take the time now, every single day, to apply what you’ve learned.

Whether it’s affirmations, visualization, making a vision board, doing other healing practices… it’s time to do this stuff and do it regularly.

This is the way you’ll see what works for you (not all things work for all people, you are unique) and you’ll also start learning how to customize things more so that they fit better into your lifestyle,

I once had a horribly boring job that I was grateful to have– and to make the most of it I would take a walk at lunch and sit on a stoop down the road a few blocks to do a guided visualization every day. I’d also take a 15 minute break to do journalling. And, I’d leave work to go directly to spiritual practice. As soon as I started doing this, things started speeding up on all fronts in my life and it was my very last job I ever had before becoming too busy with my passion project (this work and developing this method) that I had to leave!

I know that there’s a lot of uncertainty, big challenges and a whole lot of change to be made in the world as a whole.

The more we activate our personal creative power, the more we can be a part of the change making for ourselves and for the larger community of humanity.

It all starts with a decision followed by commitment and practice.

Creativity will bring you more solutions, resolve, fulfillment, paths forward and prosperity in all ways.

And, as Maya Angelou famously said, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

Let’s bring even more of it to life right now!



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