One Dedicated Hour A Day Can Speed Up Your Personal Growth!

Jul 9, 2020 | Creativity

speed up your personal growth


One dedicated hour a day doing things solely focused on yourself- from arts to meditations, energy work or study, a workout or an online class– can speed up your personal growth in huge ways. 

One hour is all you need.  

I’ve scheduled, procrastinated and otherwise gotten myself out of this specially-dedicated hour in many ways in the past.

I’ve found ways to skimp, skip and promise myself I’ll start later.

Finally, I came to see that an hour (even if it’s divided up into three 20 minute sessions) is the least I can do to fill myself up with spiritual power, inspiration, and all the practices for my energy and my own healing and growth.

Now, it’s more like three hours, but i stopped counting.  it’s a major part of my days.  

If I don’t do it on a mostly-regular basis, my life feels forced, flat and full of scarcity because I quickly start to miss the feeling of my own magic.

And, if you’ve been without this time and self-care, you likely know the missing magic I’m taking about. It’s when worry replaces intention, when fears creep in the place of confidence, when you’re looking for luck and answers everywhere outside of yourself.

Take some time and dedicate yourself to the biggest up-spiraling season of greatness you’ve ever experienced. Your entire life will expand in the process! You will speed your personal growth in ways you never anticipated!

Six months and you can have a truly transformed life.

Three months, really, can change everything.

It’s all a batter of your consistency and commitment. But, it’s also not punishing or “rigorous.”

It’s the time it takes to clear clutter from all of life in a way that’s long lasting. It’s the time it takes for new habits to move form.  It takes time to re-wire your mind to reach for your new, empowering beliefs and habits automatically.

When I started doing Pilates I was told that in 10 classes I’d see noticeable results, in 20 classes there would be a big transformation and in 30 I would have a “new” body.

So, I’m 14 classes in with my Zoom Mat Pilates and I can tell you it’s worth the dedication, commitment and occasionally collapsing (lol) from challenging myself.

It’s become one sacred hour twice a week, and I have others, now, too. A sacred hour for doing personal artwork. A sacred hour for belief-changing work with journals and other energy tools.

You may not have extra hours. You may just have one, or one that gets split up throughout the day. It doesn’t matter if you start with 20 minutes.


You’ll be so happy you did.

Commit to what you want to do.

And be consistent. It’s the key.

Decide on what will be your life-elevating practice or learning that is purely for your growth. It’s something to feed your soul, bring you joy and… it’s not a work project in any way. Its really important to differentiate here because — even if you love your work– you as a unique, emotion-filled, brilliant person need your time for your own introspection, re-calibration and celebration.

So, get personal.

Personally, I felt so weak, almost like I was shrinking physically. I was inflexible and with such poor posture that I needed some kind of personal strengthening. Pilates was the thing that rang my bells and pulled me toward it thanks to a friend. I tried it, I liked it, I didn’t look back.

Personally, I’ve also felt emotionally neglected by my own self– taking too little time to process, express and really feel everything. And, so, I dedicated time to journalling and other practices that bring be back to emotional connection in a big way.

Personally, where can you use reinforcement? Do you need a therapist, a support group, a new exercise program, a dedication to get organized…? Do you deeply feel the need for a coach, a healer or a self-healing regime that you can create to revitalize yourself?

Whatever it is– the resources are plentiful.

The most important part is to name it, say it, commit to it and don’t back down!

Give yourself the time. It’s so worthwhile.

And, keep in mind: you may need to experiment to find your perfect routine. For example, when March started and we were indoors I played around with a bunch of different exercise routines that were OK… but none was really the right one. I kept going and found the instruction I needed. I was really committed. I am actually hooked now 🙂

I mention this because in years past, I would just kind of fade out of doing exercise when I wasn’t finding what I needed. I let myself get frustrated instead of getting more curious. It was easy to quit on myself.

Now, quitting on ourselves isn’t an option.

Whenever the time comes, a time is coming when we’ll be heading back out into the world more freely and we’ll be called to create new ways, new connections, new habits and new projects.

Wouldn’t this be more epic and exciting if you’re feeling creative, activated and expanded?

Of course it will.

I know it will.

I’ve seen it work so many thousands of times for me, for friends and family and for readers like you, clients and students.

It’s time for all of us to make the absolute most of our time for fun, for work, for wellness, for love and for all kinds of creative solutions.

Decide. Commit. Stay consistent.

From tiny shifts to major transformations, everything is possible right now. You’ll speed up your personal growth while you make your whole life glow! 



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