Six Methods To Generate More More Personal Magnetism!

Jul 12, 2020 | Prosperity


There are an infinite number of ways to amplify your personal magnetism, glow brighter and feel more amazing.

Right now, I’ve put a real premium on all this attractive, feel-great, expansive energy. It’s motivating, elevating and exciting.

And, it’s easy to make more of it any time you need some, without doing anything too elaborate.

Simple is my favorite way to glow!


Sleeping deeply and waking up with the sun.  For me, there’s nothing that compares to the great big recharge that comes from deeply sleeping.

I’ve talked-up my lined blackout curtains quite a bit because they’ve played such a big role in my deeper sleep.

That said… I now leave one set of curtains open slightly so the light can stream in at around 6am. Waking up gradually with the sun (instead of waking up suddenly with an alarm howling) is a game-changer. I feel so much more in tune with Nature and more alive with high vibes when I’m up with the sunshine. If you’ve never tried this, it’s worth a try!

Eating every few hours. I have about six small (or not-so-small) meals a day lately and I could easily do seven or eight!

A constant stream of meals not only gives me variety, it keeps my energy higher and stronger. I have never been so “thoughtful” about eating in this way, but it’s done wonders for my whole body and mind.


Practice grounding & running your energy through the Earth. I wrote about this years ago and you can read how-to right HERE.

Accomplish something that stretches you every single day. Whether you make your very best cup of coffee or you write the greatest page of your new novel, aim for a personal best. Exclusively compete with yourself and challenge yourself to get better and better at all kinds of things.

Making the bed. Putting on makeup. Mopping the floor. Writing emails. Sitting ..with better posture…

There’s always a small way to do something better that challenges you to show up, be more present and commit on a deeper level.

Over these months at home I’ve learned to do Pilates much better every week, I’m way better at organizing my daily planner, I’m better at cooking about 12 things, and… on and on… big to small, I’ve been working to best myself in some way every day.

When it comes to creating magnetism, this works wonderfully!


Help people every day in some way, even if it’s with a compliment or a small gesture. This is self-explanatory. It’s the best feeling and it’s epic for your whole life!

Spend time daydreaming. It’s so galvanizing. There’s no time wasted when daydreaming. You’re reveling in future possibilities and starting to create paths forward. It’s amazing for your mood and vital for your creativity.

Make a little daydreamy space for yourself and you’ll have more room to tune out and check in with all the future possibilities. Sit by a window, on a patio, on a fluffy chair, stretched out on a sofa…. and revel in your dream time.

More magnetism = more happiness, fulfillment, love, passion, opportunity, wealth and adventure.

What’s not to love about giving yourself an energetic glow up!?



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