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Jul 15, 2020 | Prosperity


Sometimes I recognize something– a pattern that leaps out to me as crystal clear– when I don’t feel like doing anything and there’s no particular reason why.

My energy took a small dive at some point and I let it spiral down.

If you’re not feeling 100% motivated to do things you really do what to do, if you’re not feeling focused even though you woke up ready to go and conquer the world… this idea can be a game-changer.

Pay attention to the times when this wave of no motivation comes over you and track back as far as a few minutes or as long as a few hours.

You might just find the answer to reversing things– and getting re-inspired– right there!


Let’s start basic.

If you tend to lose energy mid-day, it’s a good idea to look at the quality of your sleep and your eating habits.

If they’re off-kilter you might be feeling a physical response. Whether you’ve skipped breakfast, forgot about drinking water or had a very late night (or sleepless nights), you know where you can focus to bring back more flow in your days.

Eat food that fuels you all day long, have snacks, drink lots of water and… sleep deeply.

I understand that any of these habit shifts can be a project in themselves but that is a project that will bring you immense returns on your investment.

Today, lets talk more about the other kind of pattern when motivation sinks and the day gets lackluster:

It’s a feeling that washes over you, seemingly at random. It’s not particularly dramatic but it’s very dull.

And, if that happens to you– check and see if there’s a point earlier in the day where you were upset, distracted, overwhelmed with sensory input or too much information or just generally hit with some negativity.

It happens to me something like this–

I have a great start to the day, I pick up my phone, see some news that is disturbing, look for more details, put my phone down and… I seem OK. But, thirty minutes later, I would rather clean my house than work on important projects that I’m technically quite excited about.

What happened?

I didn’t really handle the thing I saw that was bad news in any kind of an emotional sense… so, it lingered. I looked for more details about it so it became more solidified in my mind as I let it take up more of my energy. And, consequently, I kickstarted a whole theme running in my day that’s negative and 100% what I don’t want.

The momentum is going in the wrong direction.

And, it’s hard to stop a moving object or current.

It seeps into my day and pulls me off course. It dims my sparks and takes up my bandwidth. I’m not as clear. My vibes are off.

After repeating the above daily for longer than I’d like to admit, I’ve come to see that if I do pick up a dose of this news, information, distraction or conversation and don’t deal with it the things that follow are:

I’m dull, bored, tired, complaining, critical, overwhelmed or even, on rare occasions, engrossed in really maddening frustration.

So, how do you deal with it?

This is what’s worked for me and I hope it’s of value to you:

I do my best to reconcile what I see, hear or come upon that’s upsetting or distracting in the moment.

First, I try to make the moment as short as possible. Unless it’s vital for me to know details, I don’t do more research about it, I don’t talk about it and I definitely don’t try to figure it out. I cut the conversation short of change the topic.

If I’m really thrown off, or if I’ve gone against my best advice to myself and gotten myself into a big whirlwind of this distracting and negative stuff, I also take a little break and get into nature, get into a few yoga poses or even take a nap or meditate.

And, I try to get more clear on “how” this cycle begins for me once it happens, so it doesn’t happen again.

It’s moved me to stop “automatically” doing many things I know a lot of us do on “automatic” including: scrolling social media, reading a lot of news, having conversations that swing into the down-spirals of negativity (I will help anyone having a hard time as long as they actually want help and don’t just want to pull me down into it with them), and binge-TV watching.

My final frontier is to keep my phone off for a large part of the day, and I’m getting there!

I’m not perfect. I still get swept into drama, I still can mindlessly scroll, I still can get lost in distractions— but when I feel it taking over, I handle it faster now.

In the past I used to feel like I needed to take a salt bath by NOON with all the drama around me and streaming into my life digitally!

I thought I had this down-spiralling energy problem solved when I adopted a way healthier emotional and physical lifestyle.

But… these little energy drains are tricky and potent.

If you’re feeling lackluster, see if there’s a habit or a pattern that triggering it that you can interrupt for yourself.

You might be surprised to see how things you never thought of as particularly “negative” are having a negative effect on your days. That realization is pure GOLD for your life because these things are usually easy and mindless habits to ditch.

Each and every time I do this, it feels like– and quickly becomes– a huge life uplevel.

I’ll be back to the blog tomorrow with my phone stored away in another room, and I’m really looking forward to it!

I’m excited to see if this helps you as much as it’s helped me!



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