What Can You Do To Cut Down On Your Digital Screen Time?

Jul 16, 2020 | Creativity

When thinking about optimizing energy, I think about an entire lifestyle and the entire environment around me or my clients.

One of the more interesting energy-drainers lately (I’ve had this happen in the past but never so dramatically) is too much screen time.

Today, I wanted to share some strategies that have dramatically cut my screen-staring time whole also being more creative and productive.

Hopefully it can help you to brainstorm your own best ways to cut down on your time in front of glowing screens!


We all know it’s not awesome to spend too much time glued to digital devices. You can read some of the details of studies where people spent a large part of the day staring into a digital screen HERE. And, you can add to the list “increased EMF exposure”, too.

That said, technology is not just awesome in awe-inspiring ways, it’s also become essential for kids to study, for almost all of us to work, and, quite recently, as the main way we all connect with each other. (Zoom is now a household word around a lot of the world!)

So, I’m not here to vilify technology because I love it.

Instead, let’s talk about making the most of it.

These strategies have all been working for me so I’m doing more and more of them!

When learning/studying/working online.

Buy books, old school style. I believe they’re making a big comeback.

Look away from your screen as often as you can.

Take notes on paper or a big erasable white-board when you’re studying online so you can look less at the screen and really think more about the material.

Take breaks to stretch as well as to practice and/or directly apply what you’ve learned. Data for the sake of knowing it means very little.

If you’re watching videos without many important visuals, listen to them as podcasts.

Get the Audible version of books and listen to them. (I take paper-notes while listening to Audibles).

Write out your thoughts and notes before typing if you’re writing things so you’re dramatically decreasing the time you’re sitting in front of the screen.

Put a timer on your Instagram and other social media platforms (Instagram has one, other platforms do, too) so you can tell when you’ve gone past your designated amount of time scrolling.

When doing socializing online.

Do shorter and more meaningful Facetimes and Zooms.

Talk to people on the phone in the most old-fashioned way (less texting = less reading on phones)

If you have a smartphone and a computer, read things as exclusively as possible on your computer.

Keep your phone off/in another room as often as possible. (This has revolutionized my life!)

When shopping/entertaining yourself online…

Try to only do it out of necessity.

If you can shop locally and safely, do that all the time. Small local businesses need the support!

If you workout online, do workouts with great verbal cues so you spend less time watching and more time doing the exercises.

Entertain yourself in life. Meaning– play with craft supplies, go on hikes, crack open your cookbooks and start cooking, practice meditating, practice manifesting, practice self-care…

You’ll still have time in front of screens but that time will be so much more balanced, focused, rewarding and fulfilling.

For every hour I have cut down on screen time I’ve gained an hour of more magnetic energy.

My goal is to cut my non-work screen time in half from where I am now in the next few weeks and then slash it further.

What’s wild is this: I have learned to use technology far more to my advantage (deliberately, creatively, efficiently) now that I’m not using it endlessly.

Start by paying attention to how much time you spend in front of screens. Actually time yourself, or do an estimate based on your average day.

Now, set a small goal to slash it.

You’ll feel so good, you’ll want to double down on your goal.

It’s been one of the most rewarding ways to be more successful, focused, happy and well… and all it requires is your decision and, possibly, some cleverness, to make it work for you seamlessly!

Have so much fun every day in your tangible, sensory rich life!!!



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