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Jul 20, 2020 | Creativity, Sensory Goodness


“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” ― Maya Angelou.

This is a great truth from a monumental creative icon.

These wise words have changed the way I look at making things as well as living life in general.

You don’t run out of love, creativity, opportunity… because the more of it you use, the more you’ll generate.

The implications of this idea are incredibly profound, considering the fact that all of life is creative.

And, when you need more of anything, the solution is usually one that’s borne of your creativity in full swing.

Lately, this has been expanding my life in ways I can barely articulate, but I’ll try my best because… this is amazing wealth-building practical magic!


If things stay the same-same-same every day you likely know they aren’t staying the same– they are slightly on a decline as you fall into a rut.

And, while you don’t need to turn your whole life upside down, every move you make to break out of the usual routine can bring you more presence, curiosity and connection to the moment.

You can interrupt your routine with new recipes, walking on different streets, sleeping on the other side of the bed, and so on. None of this is a huge shock to your system but it gets the ball rolling to start innovating much more.

Now, once you have the energy flowing, it’s time to take it a few steps broader.

Maybe you can learn a new skill, hop on a new social media platform, get a book and start applying new learning to your life, start painting with a new kind of paint.

Basically, you’re going to commit a bit more to engagement in new things and the more you do it, the more you’ll likely want to do more.

You don’t need to “force” yourself here but there is strength gained from challenges and we need those challenges.

Dive straight into the challenges.

Then, when you’re really fired up and on a roll, start setting deadlines.

Not: punishing, deeply exhausting or draining deadlines.

Exciting, rewarding, thrilling deadlines.

This is that creative zone where things start to feel truly enchanted.

And, you can live in this creative zone all the time, because the more you make and create, the more energy, ideas and velocity you’ll have to make even more.

In the midst of this creative awakening, which is a core principle of the Feng Shui method I teach in The School of Intention, you’ll likely kind… money, gifts, opportunities, love, community, connection and fulfillment are also kicked into high gear by your creative electricity.

The very best part of this is how immensely fun it all is!




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