If Whatever You’re Doing Feels Stuck, Find An Awesome New Path Forward!

Jul 23, 2020 | Prosperity


I started writing a completely different post that was in my mind. Ten minutes into it I was thinking… “What am I doing right now? This is so complicated and not even useful!”

So, I stopped writing. Hit delete. And, realized quickly that this is exactly what I wanted to share with you today!


Ten minutes of moving in a direction that’s not helpful is fine by me. Ten hours– or months– or years as has been the case in my past– of fighting my way through a huge drag on a daily basis is no longer on the menu for me.

I’m all for embracing challenges. Bigtime.

I’m all for incredible work ethics.

I’m the person who loves to embrace the process of purging darkness from life.

And, yet, I had to break my incredibly un-useful habit of staying stubbornly on the same path that doesn’t flow, that isn’t fulfilling and that is probably wrong for me… just because I started in that direction and didn’t want to quit.

I didn’t want to start over, so I would plow forward, stubbornly and even defend my choices when I didn’t believe my own defense!

After years of misery, stress and holding myself back (that’s what the stubbornness was for me!), I finally learned to hit the delete button, scrap the original plans with ease, and insist on a feeling of flow even in the most challenging of times.

The results have been so amazing that I’m happy to share more of how I hopped onto many Paths of Less Resistance lately.

First, if I want something I acknowledge I’m not quitting if I haven’t found a path forward that’s flowing.

If the answer were to quit, that wouldn’t be helpful at all.

Instead I challenge myself to explore new ways, even totally outrageously wild ones that I’ve never tried before.

This isn’t just effective, it’s often brought me to the biggest breakthroughs in every aspect of life.

The path full of flow many not reveal itself immediately, but when the journey is fun, it makes all the difference!

Also, I’m not looking for shortcuts.

Shortcuts have led nowhere. I am open to starting from the very foundation and building things that last.

The flowing path where things start falling into place more easily may feel like a shortcut because it’s not riddled with complications and overthinking, but it’s not all overnight millions and instant success.

So, I am not looking for some grand miracles though I’m open to them, for sure!

What I am looking for is new ways to organize, new ways to focus and new ways to be creative to accomplish whatever I’m aiming for.

Which brings me to the big one: organization always brings more focus and power to everything.

I end the day organizing things and I start the day organizing things.

You’ll feel more confident with clear space to think. You’ll feel so much more focused when you’ve decluttered distractions from your days.

You might actually declutter. You might organize your schedule better. You might plan some meals in advance.

Organize the things that get stuck for you throughout the day.

When you do, you’ll find that, suddenly, many things that were once complicated or took tons of time are efficient and possibly much easier.

You’ll remove resistance from your path with this step alone!

I’ve written tons about these ideas, but I wanted to leave these here today because in this time of great change and shifting world events it can feel like we don’t know what to do next.

To overcome all those feelings, I started creating new paths, new ideas and new things to do.

You can create so many opportunities. Most of the best ones I’ve seen tend to start from a place of openness and readiness to find the flow and move forward!



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