Six Personal Home + Life Upgrades That I’ve Learned To Do This Season!

Jul 28, 2020 | Creativity


While I literally can’t wait to get back to hair salons, manicures, dry cleaning, Farmers Markets and all the rest, right now they are not an option.

So, there are a few things I’ve had to learn in meantime!

Today I’m sharing the best practices I’ve learned for home + life that have been keeping things lighter, brighter, more organized and polished until everything safely opens up again. And, many of these self-care and home styling tricks can be excellent at anytime!


Planting boxes of flowers. I’ve been so plant obsessed that I have fallen away from flower planting, and that was due for a shift. Right now, I have special hanging boxes that fit over my balcony that will give me about four feet long of planting space. This is quite a lot!

I’m looking for more edible flowers for the season since I’m in Los Angeles and they’ll likely love the weather all through Fall before I switch to growing herbs that I can use to make Herbal Space Clearing Wands.

If you haven’t seen the video on this, it’s below for you.

(*And, I should note that I do not burn White Sage except a bit that was gifted to me from Indigenous land by a dear friend and if I could make this again I would not have used the common term Smudge Stick as it’s a more sacred use of these herbs. )

DIY Hair Cuts: I’ve been ever so afraid to cut my own hair but I’m about five months overdue… so I found this video that is pure magic.

It’s incredibly easy and the result is a fairly straight haircut (not a V-shape) in the back.

I bought scissors for haircutting a few years ago and it’s been amazing to do this because now I can “refresh” my hair by dusting off the split ends between visits to the salon and keep my hair so much healthier overall.

A decent pair of scissors will last and last and keep your hair looking fabulous.

I can’t believe I’ve been so afraid to try this! Also, I’m doing this in small steps and not being too bold with the amount I cut at once.

On that note: THIS fairly inexpensive protein treatment (doing it once a month, this set lasts 3 months) has been keeping my hair “together” during this extended salon-free period of time. It’s stopped so much breakage and it’s just… magic for me. I’m waiting impatiently for my next set to arrive!


DIY Plant Pots: When the Plant Market re-opens I’ll be running to my favorite shops to get some extra trees and fabulous Monstera, but, in the meantime, I’ve been getting crafty again with plant pots.

These require a hot glue gun, rope and scissors to make. It’s incredibly easy. It will transform just about any plant you have that hasn’t been “potted”. I don’t plant in these, I just slip my plants in them. Details are HERE.

And, a tip: I make these as “bottomless sleeves” to slip onto plant pots that I water often so the plants can drain easily.

Cleaning the Vacuum: In this remix of all the things I’ve done to improve life in small ways, cleaning the vacuum was a huge one I haven’t done in. while.

Note: your vacuum must be unplugged before you clean it. And, there should be manufacturer instructions to clean yours properly. I actually looked up my model vacuum on YouTube and followed tutorials to deep clean and truly renew my vacuum and it’s power!

Japanese Manicure Set. The BEST thing I’ve found until my Japanese nail salon opens again (fingers crossed) is THIS kit from Onsen. 

Given I have only had my “own” nails that looked stellar twice in my life without the help of brilliant acrylics, I am pleased to say I’m on my way to actually well-cared-for and super-shiny, healthy, strong nails and the kit itself is small but long lasting for my weekly mani-pedi.

There are great tips HERE if you’re not quite there yet with doing your own nails. (I was not!). And THIS epic Ancient Greek Remedy pedicure lotion comes with it’s own pumice stone along with 1000+ 5 star reviews on Amazon.

Washing Machine Renovation. And, last but hardly least, I discovered the magic of fully cleaning my washing machine. If you’ve never done this before, there are many methods shared by Melissa Maker right HERE. It makes an enormous difference and, dare I say, it felt like a great accomplishment to do this even though it was so easy!

I know this was a mix of self-care and home care, but in my mind, the two are one in the same!



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