7 Ways To Integrate Simple + Powerful Self-Care Into Every Part Of Your Day!

Aug 1, 2020 | Sensory Goodness

Sometimes a morning routine is too daunting and a day is too full of things to-do to stop for a spa break in a bath full of flowers and bubbles and crystals (I mean, that’s the stuff people do for photos that not everyone can access on a regular basis in any real way), but every single day has moments of downtime that can be mined for treasures!

Those moments can be grand opportunities for the kind of self-care that make and beautifying, calming, elevating, focusing and energizing difference.

Today, I’m excited to share my favorites of the season that have showered by schedule with more bliss that’s been so needed and is so incredibly welcome!

Mediation breaks are always in vogue in my house. I’m not talking twenty minutes. Here we’re talking about 5 minute breaks. When I can’t focus, need to switch gears or get ready for something important, I sit on my favorite pillow-filled spot on a sofa, close my eyes and breathe, paying attention only to my breath. It’s 5 minutes that I cherish. And…I swear I have more time in my day every time I do this!

Mini-manicures compliments of some awesome nail oils. If you want to go very low-fi on this one, pour a very small amount of olive oil (less than half a teaspoon) into a dish and use a finger to tap it onto each of your nails, rubbing it into your cuticles for a massage.

You can also use a specially blended oil for this (this one is my present favorite), but olive oil is divine and promotes nail growth, too!

Drawing creates all kinds of synergy. I love to doodle as a way to stir up my ideas and get my energy moving. It’s like jogging for me– but, using a piece of paper and some pencils instead of actually jogging! I’m not learning to use new mediums like watercolor pencils to create all kinds of layered, transparent, colorful effects.

Daydreaming is absolutely self-care in my life. 

This is self-explanatory. I take time to hang out and daydream. It’s the best time. It’s so necessary.

There’s always a few minutes to pop on a face masque.

I mix up incredibly inexpensive simple face masques with a wooden spoonful of aztec clay (never use metal to scoop and mix this clay; old plastic spoons also work well) mixed with a drizzle of water and a drizzle of apple cider vinegar. It’s such a fabulous face detox, a $13 dollar bottle of this clay can last for a longggg time, and it’s effects are beyond belief in my experience. Smoother, cleaner, more refined and radiant skin in 10 to 20 minutes. Less than two teaspoons of clay is all I use in a mask and it’s perfect. My friends who can’t tolerate the vinegar (it can sting) mix this with rosewater for a more gentle mask.

(a beautiful mess)

A pre-shampoo scalp massage can be magical for your energy all day long. And, it’s fabulous for your hair! HERE are my best practices. It’s so super-easy, and I love doing this the most on days when I can shower later in the day and let the oils sit on my hair for a few hours before washing them out.

One tip: apply shampoo to your scalp with oil on it and massage it in BEFORE getting in the shower. This is the best way to wash the oil out!

Foot massages are perfect at any point in the day!  Your feet are so important to your grounding, your “footing” in the world and your whole body with its many meridian points that are linked to so many organs in your body. The video above is super-informative, especially for visual learners like me.

That’s seven different small moments that take a few minutes.

Plus, many of them can be multi-tasked.

For example, I’ll have a masque on soon as I finish up my computer work for the day, returning emails. I’ll be watching a Martha Stewart gardening show on HGTV while I do a mini-pedicure. And, I find time all day long to do these things, and so many more.

Weave more moments of glamour, beauty and self-care into your life and you’ll feel even more amazing.

A little more love in your lifestyle is always a supercharger!



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