How I Work With Feng Shui Is Life-Changing, Creative, Empowering And Something You Can Start Today!

Aug 4, 2020 | Feng Shui 101


How I work with Feng Shui is something I credit to all of you who were there for the process of developing this Method over the last 18 years. I make no secret of the fact that the Feng Shui you ‘ll find here is 100% unique. It’s a method I teach to brilliant like-minded people in The School of Intention.

It’s a whole construct that breaks from all the fear, superstition and rigid rules of Feng Shui while reinforcing the most important tools of Feng Shui:

Your home. Your power. Your creativity. Your desires. Your balance and alignment.

It’s not a method conjured out of thin air. 

How I work with Feng Shui was created through experimentation and tested for over 18 years. And, the work is never done. It’s always expanding in new dimensions.

Feng Shui at its best will help you create a home that mirrors your deepest values and desires. It’s a creative practice and an energetic practice, and it involves both your home and your life. 

Maybe most surprising, how I work with Feng Shui is often supported by science, research and cutting-edge innovations in wellness. 

Today I wanted to share more about the power of your home, the power of working with Feng Shui in this way and, of course, and an exercise you can try right now to get started with Feng Shui in this way.

Enjoy it all!

And, if you’re ready to dive in and immerse yourself in Feng Shui on a Professional level, even if it’s for your personal development,  all the details for the next Session of The School of Intention are HERE for you.






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