A Morning Routine Makeover For Times Of Big Change!

Aug 5, 2020 | Creativity

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Five months into mainly staying home 24-7, I can tell you that the one thing I have needed to do constantly is upgrade the energy around me.

Our lifestyle routines directly influence the energy around us. So, while I always pay attention to my space and give it lots of love, I’m deeply moved to switch up my routines when I need extra good vibes in times of big change.

Before I begin I want to say this: you don’t have to do an elaborate morning routine. I have built these routines adding one habit and then the next over time. Doing a ton of new things at once can be way too much.

Also, please keep in mind that all of this is meant to be customized and this may give you one good idea for an upgrade rather that seven. So, always do what’s best for you!

Now, let’s get to it!

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Try some (free) beautifying that you’ve never done before. I started by investigating face massage, and then I discovered FACE YOGA. I do a tiny routine that I feel makes a difference in my skin. These are the new “face yoga poses” I’m adding this week. Given the tiny amount Ive done has yielded results, I am super-excited about this.

I’m telling you, there are so many amazing things to learn it’s impossible to be bored!

(enchante home)

Make your bathroom more plush in all ways.

I’ve always had a deep love for Turkish Towels and I just got a gift of a set from Enchante Home that are so gorgeous they’ve transformed my bathroom. While I’ve been used to more “standard” fluffy towels and was surprised that these were much thinner than what I’d expected, they’ve been epic and I don’t miss the classic fluff. Now, I look forward to a room full of pink, fringe and design fabulousness!

Color your day.

True story that I think many can relate to– I barely got dressed up for at least 2 months of this year’s shut-down and I have not ever been one to look forward to “getting dressed up” in the morning. That’s an afternoon instinct for me, as weird as that may sound. But, without the sights, sounds and energy of the city, I felt compelled to overcome this habit by color-coding my days.

I’ve decided this is a t-shirt and jeans year which I can wholeheartedly embrace. So I found a fabulous sale on so many primary color T-Shirts and bought a rainbow of them in shades that suit me.

Now, I pick favorite colors that match the purpose of whatever I’m doing.

THIS article is a basic primer on Feng Shui and color when it comes to clothes.

That said, I’m more holistic about it these days. I follow my feelings.

Yellow is my most recent power color. Blues are confidence colors. Neutrals, blacks and greys are for simple days or days of organizing. Pink, magenta and reds are all my “in the public” colors.

That’s my way. Gravitate toward what feels best.


I make a to-do list BEFORE bed.

Yes, before bed. I try to do it as early as possible the day before (I’ll be making my list at around 7pm for tomorrow) so I have a clear sense of what I can look forward to.

You heard me 100% clearly– look forward to.

I need to look forward to things. It’s the single-best energy to bring magic-making flow to my days.

Add some things to your to-do list before bed and get your day sorted in advance. You’ll always have something to look forward to!


I ALWAYS visualize the day ahead, among other things. If ever there were a scientifically-tested and amazing habit, this is it. Lately, though, I’ve gotten more into visualization as a multi-sensory experience on many levels. More is HERE:

My friend was telling me recently about playing classical music while visualizing and I’m all about it now!

(Fully Raw Kristina– a favorite blog and all round amazing person)


I used to start the day religiously with my spiritual practice and then… tea. When I quit caffeine, I moved to herbal tea. It was not cutting it for me.

I need to both eat and drink water, especially in the morning. When I don’t, I feel like I’m not fully awake.

Medical Medium Anthony William recommends eating tons of melon and where I live there’s half a year to do this in a seasonal way. So, I’m waking up to both plates full of melon and also, when it’s abundant, a slush made by blending melon with a few cubes of ice in the blender (no extra water added, the ice is plenty)!

Off season for melon, I’m a huge proponent of lemon, lime and even orange squeezed into a big jar of water. And, after watching videos on Tik Tok of strawberries mashed and mixed with a bit of water and frozen as ice cubes, you can sign me up for that Fall/Winter habit as well!

And, I start the day with a risk of some kind.

This has been essential when the days themselves threatened to blend into one.

Whether it’s a creative risk, daring to cook something new, a new experiment at home, a business decision, a gutsy phone call– I have to do something like this to start my day.

It doesn’t have to be world-shaking, but wow (!) does it make a huge difference.


This is the small stuff you can try if you’re looking for more energy, more abundance, more connection, more dynamic living and more love to shine in every day.

Doses of high energy expand your glow. They communicate widely. They enter the room before you do. They’re life-changing. And, they’re so much fun!



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