Thrive By Clearing Every Bit Of Negative Energy That Keeps You Stuck In The Past!

Aug 8, 2020 | Prosperity

If you’ve done as much as I have (and many of you have) to “get over” really bad times in your life and you feel as though you’ve got nothing left to do… it feels “complete.”

You may have forgiven people a thousand times, gone to therapy, healers, read books, cried, made big decisions, affirmed that everything is fine… You may have done all of this and also much more.

And so, with nothing left to do, it’s got to be done, right? That stuff has to be gone, right?

Well, the true test in terms of how gone it is often surprises me—

Have I moved on? Have I created new things? Have seen doors swing open to the new?

If these things haven’t happened, I know it’s time to get extremely clear within myself and break free of those beliefs, circumstances or past incidents that are keeping me stuck in the past.

Today, let’s talk about the energy of letting all of this stuff go and opening up to more abundance.

If something’s gone sideways, dissolved, ended… or it was so traumatic that it’s left a big mark in your psyche in some way… it can take some intention to move through it.

I always do that basic work I mentioned at first–

— forgiving everyone involved, including myself.

— looking at whether or not I need support (trauma therapy, counseling, healing work) to help me through. And, I commit to it. Back in the days when I couldn’t afford a lot of things I still found low-cost and even free resources and support groups.

— and, I let myself grieve and feel it all. This is important, I’ve learned, because all those emotions need to flow freely. I’ve even grieved the end of horrible situations and jobs I hated. In many ways, it’s been vital.

— plus, there are so many books to read and ways to gather up wisdom to not repeat the same things twice. Podcasts, books of all kinds, videos, classes… and it’s all been fantastic.

Even before I get through it all, I usually feel better and get tempted to jump ship and say, “I’m over it!”

The true test for me that I’m beyond that situation, though, is that openness is restored fully.

I had such a shockingly bad job experience in my past that it took me a full year to really feel remotely “at home” in the new job that I was very overqualified for, a job I got shortly after the first one ended. I never really even felt that settled.

I thought I’d resolved the issue with that job fiasco of betrayal, but I left a few things lingering that I wasn’t aware of consciously but felt deep inside in a way that made no sense.

I thought that “time would take care of it.” It didn’t.

Here’s what did:

— I cut all energetic cords to the person I worked for in that traumatic situation. HERE is a basic way to do this. IT WAS EPIC.

–I took responsibility for the whole thing, meaning… I stopped blaming anyone and everyone and decided that there was a reason I was in this horrible situation, to learn from it. Then, I wrote down the lessons.

–Also, if whatever it was (in this case, this job) was not for me, and neither was the one I got after that one, I needed to know what WAS for me. I got far more clear and made a list of everything I wanted in a new job, in every way. I also wrote out the skills I needed for this next step and started practicing them. And, I made a point of updating everything from my resume to my attitude.

What happened next was amazing.

All the money I needed arrived in perfect timing, along with a whole lot extra.

I didn’t feel “less than” or “not good enough” any more at my present job… and, I soon left, confidently, and easily to the job I wanted where I thrived.

And… doors opened to so much collaboration, synergy, partnership and abundance that would simply not open before because I was deeply fixated on “not trusting anyone.”

It was finally done!

And, since then, I’ve done versions of this for every aspect of life.

Don’t let yourself linger in the past.

You were born good enough, worthy enough, lovable enough and infinitely gifted and valuable.

See if something has you stuck in the past. It may even be from 10 or 15 or 30 years ago.

Do the basics. Then, go even deeper.

Let that stuff go in practical ways that feel like magic.

Amazing things will happen!



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