What Do You Do When You Don’t Want To Do Anything?

Aug 12, 2020 | Creativity

What do you do when you don’t want to do anything?

Chances are, the key to more success, motivation, and thriving in all that you do rests, in part, in what you do in these times where you don’t want to do anything.

Today, let’s talk about fueling yourself more so that you can create, attract and manifest more without forcing yourself to “power through it” all.

How have you coped with low motivation or creative blocks in the past? How are you dealing with them now?

I can flip through past chapters of my life where having “zero motivation” led me to drink tons of tea and coffee hoping to somehow catapult myself into action with pure adrenaline and caffeine.

And, I clearly see the era where this “zero motivation” would lead to an emotional meltdown borne of frustration. Along with other times where I’d suppress this frustration and wind up simply feeling numb and more burned out as I pushed myself to do things I didn’t want to do.

None of this worked.

The only healthy response I has to “zero motivation” was in college. I would head for a walk downtown for frozen yogurt or dinner either alone or with friends, I’d amble through the bookstore purely for fun, or I’d hop on the Bart train and wander through San Francisco to see art and fill myself up with more urban energy. These, among the other things I did, were all without force or stress involved. It always led me not just back to creative excitement but into a new level of awareness and action.

This was a real success secret to the point where I started doing it regularly “just because” and didn’t suffer from crazy stress, overwhelm or creative blocks for most of my academic career.

Out in the “real world” I felt I couldn’t afford such luxuries as sleeping in, taking myself to dinner, walking through a museum for half a day or watching a marathon of classic movies.

So, I turned to “adult” coping mechanisms that seemed prized like stress, being so “busy” that I was overwhelmed and, of course, caffeine, a requisite glass of wine with friends to relax and a whole lot of insanely late nights driving myself to a brink of exhaustion.

Nothing’s wrong with coffee or a glass wine– but I haven’t touched either in so many years I’ve lost count. I don’t have that kind of stress and pressure as a barometer of success any more, and when those went, my taste for both went along with it.

That stress and pressure never really brought me success.

It did bring me– illness, pain, separation from life, feeling lost, feeling sad to the point of mild depression and much more.

We all have stresses and situations to handle in life, but the kind of stress and pressure I put upon myself as though it would bring me success was immense, endless and without reason.

So, when I really don’t want to do anything at all right now, even if I have deadlines that are steep and big responsibilities, I have my own way of approaching things that may be helpful for you.

I rest a lot more. Without TV/internet/Phone. I sleep, meditate, take naps, take baths.

I get into more art and Nature.

I take those wandering walks on palm-tree lined streets like I did in college.

And, I don’t complain, worry, wonder or think about what I have to accomplish.

I need to refuel myself. And, I do.

You may need the same.

We aren’t meant to work 24-7 with no breaks and no joy.

Yes, you might need to hustle and work crazy hours, and I still do that sometimes. But, I still make sure that in my downtime I am switched off from all that action and thoroughly immersed in filling myself up.

You might do…

Spiritual practice. Meditation. Yoga. Drawing. Knitting.

You might hang out with friends and family.

You might even work on something you’re passionate about that makes you feel amazing.

The key is– don’t push yourself or punish yourself.

As a recovered perfectionist who, at one point, would rather sit on the sidelines and worry and stress rather than stand up and start living her dreams, I can tell you that this self-punishment won’t bring you huge blessings.

Be kind to yourself.

And, if you’re stressed, be extra kind to yourself.

Invest energy in your greatness, your talents and your glowing vibrance.

This will bring you the biggest blessings.



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