Have You Been Searching For Things To Boost Your Energy & Magnetism?

Aug 18, 2020 | Prosperity

(wild inanda)

These last few months, I have done an extremely high level dive into even more transformational tools to boost moods, enhance magnetism, stay open hearted and, overall, enjoy every day a lot more. Oils, crystals, herbs, teas, sprays, baths and so much more– and it’s incredibly fun.

I do this before every session of The School of Intention, the Professional Feng Shui Certification. (Details are HERE if you want to join us this season in the most epic and comprehensive Feng Shui training there is!)

I do it all the time, but I really test things before each session of The School so I have more specific energy boosters to bring to my students (the effective and those I’ve found ineffective) and to share with clients.

Some of these things are mind-blowing. I feel them deeply. It’s like an electricity generator–switched on, I feel I can power the whole city.

We all want magnetism, attraction, the feeling of empowerment, confidence, fulfillment, love and thrilling transformation. I don’t know a single person who would turn down more abundance, joy and power.

But, today I wanted to talk about way to generate that power and magnetism without anything but your own decisions and actions.

The tools, as brilliant as they are, are a conduit to get you to a higher place, a touchstone or an amplifier. They aren’t meant for a lifetime. You are meant for a lifetime.

So let’s use our power today in really simple ways to generate that prosperous radiance!

If you want more flow, stay in motion. When I sit and scroll the Internet and zone out, I feel my energy get dim quite quickly these days. I do still explore the Internet, but in short bursts. I spend most of my time in motion when I’m at my best. Stretching, walking, doing things, typing is even more active than feeling… inertia set in.

If you want more confidence, create a personal best every day. It can be the best of anything– the best cup of coffee, the best makeup you’ve ever applied, the best text message. And, whenever you’re ready, extend that quest for your personal best to your work, your workouts, your conversations, and on and on. Even if you don’t achieve your “best” daily, the energy that’s generated by striving for your “best” and topping your past attempts is something that will quickly extend into your whole life without much trying.

(I’m aiming for the icing as shown here by Minimalist Baker)

If you want more creativity, find a new way to do the things you always do. Shake up routines. Shift things. I’m going for a walk after writing this on streets I rarely, if ever, visit. It’s not earth-shattering, but it’s incredibly effective to break out of repetition. I’ve been making the same dessert/snacks for months, so today, I’m revisiting and old favorite raw vegan carrot cake and making extra icing to create a “personal best” of this one!

If you’re looking to be more open-hearted, take extra time for yourself every day that isn’t spent in front of a TV screen, etc, etc. Become better acquainted with yourself. Journal, daydream, read book that lift your spirits and move you at a core level, take baths, learn DIY massage techniques, get into home-spa tips. Whatever you do, allow yourself to be full of energy. It will make an enormous difference.

If you’re looking to up your manifesting game, spend time practicing! Practice asking for what you want and allowing it to come. Practice techniques (like visualization— video HERE) that can amp up your manifesting powers. Practice focusing on what you want.

While I can’t see myself ever abandoning my love for high-vibe tools (oils, herbs, baths, and so much more) and methods to clear spaces of negative energy and magnetize abundance, I do all of the above every single day. You are your most powerful transformational tool. Live with that awareness, take action and you’ll see your whole life change very quickly for the very best!





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