Are You Pushing Away Things You Want The Most Without Realizing It?

Aug 19, 2020 | Creativity

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Here’s a big question:

Are you pushing away things you want the most without realizing it?

Today we’ll explore some ways that his can happen, and how to stop doing it… today.

There’s a whole lot of abundance waiting for you!

It’s amazing when you’re feeling great and things are falling into place brilliantly.

It’s also, I’ve come to see, equally amazing when things aren’t working out or coming together because the door is wide open to make a big life-changing breakthrough that levels-up your whole life.

That was not easy perspective to come by, not at all.

Nor does it mean that when things are sideways it’s time to do nothing and hope it all works itself out.

Today we’re exploring the idea of how we — ourselves– might be pushing the things we want farther away from us.

Here are a few common ways it happens:

Micromanaging how you want things to unfold.

Having great expectations for the outcome of things is amazing and dare I saw it’s vital– but trying to control how each piece comes together is not great at all. You start to introduce a lot of force into everything you’re doing.

One very very successful salesman once told me many many years ago that he can go through a month of near-total rejection only to step into many months of record-breaking sales. He doesn’t sweat the month that isn’t happening for him. He keeps on making the calls and showing up with the same attitude. When he used to aim to sell X amount a week or a day, it was all a mess and a down-spiral mentally when he’d hear “NO.” It threw off the energy of his work. He started operating from a place of failure, even though he wasn’t failing.

I never forgot that. It’s been one of the best examples for me of why I needed to shut down my perfection-seeking mind and, instead, stay in creative flow.

A close second in terms of chasing things away is constantly looking for where the things are that you want and focusing on how they haven’t arrived yet.

Did you ever have a long car ride as a kid and ask the adults if you were there yet, over and over again, constantly feeling like the more you asked the further away you were from your destination?

That’s what happens when you start focusing on what hasn’t arrived yet.

Where is it? When will it come? Will it come? Am I going in the wrong direction? Is there something wrong with me? Is it the astrology? Is it that I’m failing?

All of that and more might sound familiar if you’ve got yourself fixated on what hasn’t come yet instead of all the amazing things happening today and all the things to create and experience right now.

Self-destructive behavior or addictions.

This is a huge topic, and if you have an addiction, please seek treatment as it will transform your life.

Aside from truly addictive behaviors, I’ve known people who have really disconnected from life due to habits that are just self-defeating like the extra cup of coffee that sends them into anxiety– daily. Or the mega-screen-time addictions which are many.

All this stuff isn’t helping us to “disconnect” and recharge. It’s disconnecting from life and putting more stress on your system in many ways.

Finally, a big one, is to believe that there are “subconscious blocks” so big to overcome that until you fully overcome them, you won’t be successful.

If this was true, people I know would be dirt poor that are filthy rich, single instead of happily married and not well instead of well and thriving.

Yes, you likely will have to confront your traumas, fears, limiting beliefs and all types of habits as you live and grow.

But, these do not need to prevent you from thriving.

This video on “Money Blocks” explain this in far more detail:

So, if you find you’re doing one of these things, or a hybrid mix of things like it, what do you do?

As silly as it might sound, once you recognize it, half the battle is won.

Now… you can interrupt the cycle!

Remind yourself that force and stress doesn’t build big success. Decide you’re going to feel better and things will start moving in more optimistic ways!

Surround yourself with supportive energy. Whether its favorite colors, art, scent or sounds– this will help you to stay more anchored in the present.

Use Feng Shui to make your home a stronger feeling of a sanctuary in intentional ways.

Embrace a practice– meditation, visualization, journalling, etc– that helps you to transform stress.

And: if you find yourself down-spiraling into worry and fear, do anything else! Bake a cake, read a book, do something fun. In these recent times where too much time at home can lead to too much thinking, I’ve been trying out new recipes nearly every day!

It’s time to allow yourself to thrive in bigger and bigger ways!



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