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Aug 29, 2020 | Creativity, Life With Art


I had a brilliant catch-up chat with a friend I met in my former life in the art world. When we met I was dreaming of a way to bring the true purposes of art to more people — the life-changing, story-telling, healing, mind-blowing, exhilarating, nearly divine quality of art. I was working in and around such epic art at the time, but my role was hardly as inspiring.

It reminded me of the circuitous, unplanned and incredibly exciting path to sit here today writing this post.

I had no idea I’d be doing this as a career, and I’m equally astonished when a new road opens up. Like The School of Intention– the Professional Certification in this unique method of Feng Shui that was not something that started in my mind. It started in pure creative momentum.

Whatever comes next in my life and work, I know it’s an extension of this energy.

Art and creativity are like that. They’re the forces that open doors, expand possibility, transform things and make life feel magical.

Today, let’s look at a few ways to use the power of art to create positive movement and more clarity in your life!


First, let’s move away from art as just a visual object on a page or a canvas or carved from stone.

Art is expression.

Whether it’s music, dance, cooking, writing or spoken world poetry, magic shows or crafting– it’s all art.

Life is all art.

If you’re able to step out of the day-to-day intensity of life and re-frame your perspective on today, you’ll see the opportunities you have for more delight, more inspiration and more creation.

Today’s walk will bring me to back roads I rarely walk on, to see new houses and new trees. I’ve been spotting succulents as orange as a peak sunset and I’m always looking for fallen leaves so I can take them home and plant them. There’s also a new drink I want to make (non-dairy hortchata) and a pile of new books to organize. I’ve been wanted to add a few drops of essential oil to my floor mopping and I think my lavender has arrived, too, so I can mop with more high vibes later tonight.

These things may not seem like art but they give me the exact same feeling as a great work of art– more energy, ideas, flavors, growth, opportunity.

How can you make the everyday things you do a little more special?

This is the beginning of life as art. Once you start, you’ll never want to turn back because there’s so much wonder in every day.

Now, let’s look at the art you like to make.

When’s the last time you got into crafting? When’s the last time you sang songs or created a music score?

Have you been in your practice?

Do you actually have a practice?

If not, it’s time to pick something you love to do and get started.

Get yourself the supplies and dive in. Start simple. Gather things from friends, family, the dollar store. I have so many supplies to share, people know to hit me up if they’re in need.

Now, make stuff. Daily. As though it were a part of your job.

It is.

It really is.

When you’re in this creative flow, you’ll start to see amazing things happen in your “job” and in your view of life as a whole.

Confidence rises. Energy flows more easily. There’s less worry and more solutions.

There’s a lot more to do and you might be faced not with a lack of options, but so many that you don’t know where to begin.

A dear friend’s boyfriend told her yesterday, “We gotta slow down with the Dana Abundance stuff for a minute, ” because they’ve created so many opportunities, they’re overflowing with jobs and projects. (And, they are not stopping, he was joking…!)

Bring more art to your life in every way. And support fellow artists. Buy handmade, commission paintings, support fundraising for their bigger projects– as much as you can. In every way, artists of all kinds are light-workers bringing magic to this planet!

As are you.

And while you may not know where all this creativity is leading you, my life has shown me over and again that it leads you to all the best places!



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