Now Is The Time To Do The Things You Want To Do!

Sep 2, 2020 | Creativity

Now is the time to do all the things you want to do in your home and your life.

Right now, I have furniture coming, frames, art being hung, things moving, books re-organizing and all kinds of creations happening all around my house. I’m getting wild paint sent for half my house and learning to do new things in my work life, too. 

I had to do it now.

It’s not a “reasonable” or “rational” time. The biggest season of The School of Intention Feng Shui Training is on the way, a bustling Feng Shui Breakthrough Camp is in session, there’s a ton of things to do on top of that and…

I had to do it all now.

I spend all night working on it, and I slept better than I have in weeks, and feel elated right now.

That’s two good indications that this was no time to sleep on what I want and need and, dare I say it, deserve.

So, when I’m asked… why are you doing all these un-related, non-essential things right now at the “worst time ever”… my answer is:

“Why not do it now?”

After all, now is the time to do so many amazing things! 

Let’s talk about this posture of action today and how it can help you to break down patterns that have held you in place, launching into more love, more abundance and more wellness right now.

True story: energy likes to move.

When you sit and deliberate in an over-thinking type of a manner for days and weeks over decisions, things get much heavier.

Energy stops moving.

I have waited for no good reason — besides the fact that I thought about it for way too long, wondering if something better was out there– to get a simple floor pillow for my meditation and spiritual practice.

I have been sitting on a pillow less comfortable than the floor for months– and doing this for 2 full hours every day– for no good reason.

Not only did I start to have negative associations with my practice and discomfort on a really high level, I also started to have back aches and other strange physical things happen.

One pillow changed everything. And the only thing stopping me was my inexplicable resistance to not buying the damn pillow!

When I waited, the energy stopped moving. I started to want to practice less.

And, one single pillow changed changed everything.

Where is that pillow in your own life?

Meaning: where are you not taking the action that’s needed?

Where are you waiting, wondering, thinking like crazy and, in the process, feeling the heaviness of inexplicable resistance settle in?

The best decisions I have ever made have made absolutely no sense.

None at all.

I still can’t fully explain what came over me to pack up and leave New York in a weekend. I have no idea why– 18 years ago when almost no one knew what it was– I decided to sign up for a Feng Shui Certification when I had never even had a consultation and didn’t have thousands of dollars to toss around freely and had no idea or desire to do it professionally. I have no reasons to explain why I suddenly didn’t want to go to my dream college when I was accepted and rushed in an application to another school, a place that was thousands of miles away from home. I can’t explain why I hopped onto Tumblr to write a blog about a topic (Feng Shui) that no one cared about much in popular culture before then.

All I can tell you is, I am deeply grateful I didn’t over-think these things.

If I did, my life would be very different. While I’m sure I’d still find joy, I don’t believe anything would have put me on this crazy-awesome and perfect path.

My decisions that are about right now were the ones that have made magic happen. They still are.

I am unrelenting in these decisions to take action. If there’s any chance I can do something now that I want to do, I am in!

While not everything can happen today, today you can plan– actively– for all that you want.

And, you can take steps to activate that plan today, too!

This time of staying home and quarantine and all the rest has created patterns for many people I know– myself included– where it’s tempting to put things off till later for many reasons, some very important and completely justified.

Don’t let yourself put off the things that are essential to your joy and wellbeing.

Don’t do it! Don’t overthink yourself into a rut! Don’t introduce stress you don’t need!

And, if you have been doing it– stressing and over-thinking– shake that energy off and start fresh!

Make decisions and start moving.

You’ll be amazed at how much you can transform and, often, how quickly you can do it!

I am off to get a whole lot of stuff created, re-decorated and completed right now. Join me in your own ways!

You’ll never regret doing the things that make you feel amazing!



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