5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Creative Power To Transform Things All Day Long!

Sep 6, 2020 | Creativity

One of the things that I first read about my Buddhist practice was a passage from ancient texts explaining that everything has the potential to attain enlightenment. From your phone to your sneakers to a piece of paper to YOU– all of everything can be elevated. All can be enhanced.

And, you don’t need to believe in Eastern philosophy because science has also proved this extensively.

Everything is energy and that means, on a very fundamental level, everything can be transformed.

As we get ready to begin the next session of The School of Intention, the Pro Feng Shui Certification in this way of Feng Shui, the theme is all Infinite Possibility.

If you want more possibility, it doesn’t come through luck. It comes through creativity, decisions and action in all ways.

There are a few ways I’ve been quite literally practicing my own ability to transform things all day long.

Choose to see the good in every day.

Make a point of noticing and really sharing the bright side of things. With so much closed this year in LA, a friend would call to tell me stories about the off-the-beaten-path streets she discovered on her long walks, amazing stories she read and other small wonders of a more solitary existence this Spring and Summer. That good built up like currency, a savings account of wonderful new sights and dreamy ideas that she could spend all day long.

There’s something good, always, somewhere. Look for it, decide you want to see it and you’ll find it.

Set a “stretch” goal for one thing you want to accomplish in a day.

It doesn’t have to be work. It can be learning to paint your nails a little bit better, making a better cup of coffee, clearing out the entire closet or getting a significant amount more sleep. Or, anything else that will bring you deep personal satisfaction and expand your abilities to do anything better.

Be more of a helper.

Lately, making small donations regularly has been a form of energetic excellence in my life. It was a way I could be more of a helper.

You might decide to sign up for online volunteer work or help friends more.

When you do for others, you actually grow far more of a personal level.

As Deepak Chopra has said, “Success comes when people act together; failure tends to happen alone.”

Helping brings us together. Same for asking for help when you need it.

Everyone wins.

Transform even the smallest spaces in your home and you’ll see and feel the transformation daily.

Tidy, organize, wash the dishes.

And, make the most of your creative ingenuity.

I’ve been seeing rainbow watercolors all over the place lately, so I made one in the spur of the moment. I had some paint and brushes and a big sketchpad. For under $20 I had a framed burst of joy hanging in my kitchen.

You can do this. And so much more!

Share good news.

These days, commiseration is all too common. There’s a lot happening that is shocking to say the least and horrible in so many ways.

I try to limit my exposure to the excessive news. It can be all-consuming and, after a short while it would start to make me feel powerless, upset and drained.

Beyond that, though, I actively seek good news. I don’t know if it’s my TikTok feed or just TikTok overall but I find it to be my go-to place on the Internet now when I need a burst of positivity.

For you, it might be reading a book or calling a friend and passing on good news, no matter how big or small.

Like today, I found the rare succulents I’ve been wanting to grow for months. It’s incredibly exciting. I also learned that my friend knows a top propagator of aloe and succulents, a real curator of the plant family. Then, I remembered I wanted a plant box for the balcony, and now, indeed, I am going to get one!

Good news leads to a snowball of solutions and expansion, connection and growth.

It’s not about burying your head in the sand and denying the real issues of the moment, but, rather, staying charged up with the energy and cleverness, flexibility and expansiveness, joy and wonder to stay focused on solutions.

Right now, more than ever, we need that energy of transformation to flow freely.

Every one of these has been an imperfect practice. I still catch myself complaining (it’s 105 degrees as I type this), reading and watching too much that’s not helpful and wondering what will happen next…

And then, I do the dishes, clean up, hop in the shower and press the RESET button.

The world needs your magic more than ever, so whatever gets you to a place of more possibility and power is what will help you to shine that light even brighter!





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