5 Ways To Use Feng Shui To Focus More Powerfully!

Sep 15, 2020 | Creativity


In a world of distractions, focus is at a premium.

One would think that having to spend more time at home than ever would eliminate distractions, right?

To a degree it has for some who once spent time running errands that have become less vital.

For instance, I once had a distinct aversion to grocery deliveries and pick-ups, preferring to spend several hours on shopping each week. I never thought that I’d say this but I don’t really miss the in-person experience of the grocery aisle and I’m grateful to have the option to shop at home.

But, that was not the end of my own distraction. There were also notifications that pop up, social media scrolling, emails to answer and… more.

For someone who considers herself to be a pretty focused person, I was confronted in the last year with how much I was cheating myself of the kind of efficiency and creative prowess that powerful focus brings to every day.

You don’t need to be perfectly focused or “switched on” 24-7, all day long, to focus every day in a way that makes life far more effective, productive, fulfilling and abundant. But, having more time in that zone of focus is utterly magical for your manifesting power and creating breakthroughs!

Here are some potent ways to shift your energy to focus more deeply:


This is #1 on the list for a reason. Loving yourself deeply and valuing your time is where the magic begins. When you hold yourself in the highest regard, you don’t tolerate needless drama and other stuff that you have no time for when you’re on a mission!

Also, when you’re immersed in self-love and filing your days with self-care, you’re so filled with energy and joy that it’s easier to be passionate about what’s happening in front of you today, right now.

Get enough sleep and even more sleep than that. Fill your home with food that brings you energy. Drink enough water. Be kind to yourself. Dress up. Make room in your schedule for YOU to just BE.

You’ll see what a difference it makes when you’re even more committed to your personal greatness, starting with feeling great!


Clutter is the most distracting thing for so many reasons, the first of which is that it’s a huge energy block. It’s often full of heavy emotions, unfinished projects and decisions that haven’t been made.

While you may not be able to clear your whole home of clutter today, every step you take to eliminate some clutter from your workspace or the main space you spend your time will make a magnificent difference in your energy and your feeling of personal power.

Letting things go really does make room for the new to arrive in the form of money, ideas, opportunities and much, much more!


Decisions are our personal space-clearing tool. I could have my phone beside me right now, stopping to flip it open and scroll through my text messages as I take a “break” instead of writing. I could succumb to my old habit of getting pulled into conversations while writing, which would make an article take 3x longer to write. I could also give in to my urge to put this aside and check my emails again, even though they’ll still be there, waiting when I’m done writing.

My decision to leave my phone in another room of my house was all that I needed to transform my focus to a new level, eliminating a common habit trigger.

You might decide to keep TV off or cover it with a blanket while you’re doing important things. You might decide to work in a different areas of your home or set up your office desk with everything you need to do an hour of focused work at a time without the many distractions of needing snacks or needing to get water.


How many things do you do that aren’t useful on any level?

I managed to eliminate about 10 things from my week this year that gobbled up my time and pulled my focus.

Groceries delivered was one. Meal preparation/planning was another, rather that being interrupted by a scramble for food to eat. Yet another was automating most of my bills so I didn’t have to take actions to pay every one of them myself by scheduling the payments and then logging in and clicking buttons every month.

These seem small, I know. But they have saved me over 16 hours in a month alone.

16 hours is more than half a day to sleep more, read more, create more and enjoy much more.

What are some extra things you’re doing that possibly aren’t necessary at all?

Subtracting these things can bring you incredible amounts of freed-up time and energy!


If you want to focus, desire is the very best ingredient.

If you want it, you will get it.

When I’m not in the midst of fulfilling a big vision for my life in some way, my focus is far weaker and I don’t feel like doing much of anything.

Now, I simply don’t go without having big dreams lighting my way forward.

So, do you have big visions for your life and your goals right now?

Do you want them badly?

Are you exciting just thinking about them?

If so, you’re on your way!

If not, take some time for big daydreaming, brainstorming and goal-setting that is thrilling.

These big dreams act like magnets, drawing you forward and fixing your attention on everything fun and creative!

The love you pour into everything you do will be reflected back to you!



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