Bringing Nature Power To Your Home In Gorgeous Ways!

Sep 17, 2020 | Creativity

We can spend days non-stop talking about the immense power of nature in practical and magical ways. The most vital of all parts of Nature is that it serves as the foundation of our lives.

The Earth is the home we all share.

If you want to elevate your life in fantastic ways, start with the key:

Be more Earth-friendly and sustainable. It’s incredibly important. This alone will radically transform your life.

Now, weave more Nature into your home.

Here are some of my recent-favorite gorgeous ways to elevate a home with Nature power.


Essential oils have been a cornerstone of staying close to Nature. With dogs and lots of sensitivities, I stick to my personal favorite– Lavender– these days. I got a gift of Lavender from Flowgevity oils and I’m loving them for baths and room sprays. (Thank you!) They’re a new company and very focused on each product they sell, and they’ve got a really awesome spirit and mission, so I’m happy to share the love!

Plants in woven baskets can be sensational for softness. I’m searching for the perfect baskets for me and a few trees right now!

Collect stones that speak to you from all over and display them in a bowl or on a shelf. I gave my last stone collection back to the Earth during a move, and I’m excitingly building a new one.


I love crystal and agate coasters to mix into office spaces and at home, too. There’s nothing like the feeling of a solid Earth foundation full of energy for your drinks!

(you can buy this pattern HERE)

Make a macrame or get another textile wall hanging that is full of Earth energy. These natural textiles are excellent to add softness and textured richness to a space. I love making these things because they become extra-special in the process!

(via Etsy)

Cork planters and other plant pots made of sustainable materials bring a sense of layered Nature to a space. Apparently, plants have better “breathing” capabilities in cork pots. My plants that have been newly transferred are totally divine!

(West Elm)

Plants on walls as art are a sure-fire hit that adds surprising life and texture to your home. If you have a wall by a very sunny window i the kitchen you can also grow herbs this way!


Tile is fabulous. I’m fully obsessed with tile, and if you have the ability to use tiles anywhere– re-tiling steps, counters, even the top of an old coffee table– go for it! I love this art above made of Moroccan tiles!

This is just a sample of what you’ll find as you dive into more Earthy exploration! Have so much fun adding grounding power to your home!



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