4 Ways To Know It’s Time To Take More Action To Create What You Want!

Sep 22, 2020 | Creativity

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Taking action is a big part of manifesting what you want.

Setting goals, making wish lists, doing all the Feng Shui that’s utterly amazing and uplifting and inspiring, visualizing, changing your mind… it’s all epic and I’m the first person to encourage everyone to do all of the above as vibrantly and potently as possible.

Then, though, there’s action.

Action brings things to life.

I’m not talking about the kind of action I used to take, though. I used to just stay busy, busy, busy running around doing things to be busy.

Now, it’s about focus. Less busy but with much more energy going where it feels meaningful is my upgraded way of thinking about action.

I know when I’m taking enough action because, first and foremost, I feel really good.

And, there are ways I know that I’m not taking enough action or enough focused action to pour love– in a practical way– into the outcomes I want to see. I wanted to share a few of them today because in our world full of so much happening at once, it can be easy to slip into a mentality where there’s nothing we can do about certain things and action falls by the wayside or descends into being “busy, busy, busy.”

It’s time to be ultra-powerful and effective and, first and foremost, feel better every day!

There are a few ways that I know I’m not taking enough focused action that I hope are helpful to spark ideas for you. They have all come into focus over these last seven months for me, moving me to get far more clear and grounded, galvanized and energized.

Focusing on what’s wrong.

If ever there was a call to action for me, it’s on the days where I feel compelled to state all the things that are wrong and keep leaning into the issue without doing anything about it.

It’s one thing to acknowledge what’s wrong. It’s another to acknowledge it and then swiftly move into the mode of finding solutions.

If I’m in this place of “OMG, so much is happening that’s out of control.” I stop myself now and get clear on what the issue is that immediately needs to change.

Then, I brainstorm. And, I keep on brainstorming until I find actions to take that are doable to create a solution.

Feeling like my actions won’t make a difference.

None of us will single-handedly put an end to any large world issue.

But, it’s been single people who have started initiatives that led to world change.

There’s immense power in being engaged in personal practices that collectively lead to big results.

For example, a woman on TikTok collects tiny donations on her account that add up weekly to $1000 tips that she gives to front line workers and servers in restaurants and artists who have been impacted by the global health crisis. She keeps none of the money. Some people contribute $1 or even 50 cents to her efforts and they add up. They’ve saved many people from eviction and restored many people’s faith in the greater good that we are in this life together.

There’s a collective impact to all of our actions. Your small action does make a difference.

Many people want to help many people as a part of their life’s mission. It starts by helping a single person. That’s the greatest feeling in the world. Emails from many of you who have shared how this Feng Shui method and the blog have helped you have come into my inbox at exactly the right ties over the past 10+ years when I wasn’t sure if anything I was sharing was meaningful enough.

We all collectively support each other as we do things that do make a difference in all kinds of ways!

Feeling creatively blocked.

When I don’t “want” to create anything or I have no ideas or motivation, I know that the answer is action.

That action may start with more sleep (that’s an action), drinking more water (another action) or even chatting with friends (another action)….

Once I’m re-energized, it’s time to plan + DO.

Planning and doing are the fastest ways out of creative slumps in my life.

Two things make this work for me:

–The plans have to be do-able right now (meaning, I have to start by using the resources I have on hand)

–The action needs to start right now, no matter how small it is!

Picasso has famously said, ‘Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.’

I’m now a believer in this creative power formula!

Too many things pulling focus in too many directions.

If I’m all over the place without a real goal in mind during the day, I feel weakened.

Literally, I don’t feel as strong when I’m distracted or have no aim.

The aim doesn’t need to be massive– meaning, I don’t need to create a revolution in one day. But I need something to focus on that is meaningful and galvanizing.

Setting a strong goal for the day has the ability to make action far more focused and magical for me.

Two more things that make this work better in my life:

–I have to really want what I’m aiming for.

–It’s most effective when it’s something I can really accomplish in a day. (*meaning, it may just be one step in a bigger plan, but it’s done really well!)

Whether I hear myself complaining or I find myself feeling subtly anxious and less active and less excited about the day…

…it’s time to engage more!

Make even the smallest plan, brainstorm solutions and new paths forward and go for it!!!

If I’m really tired, my first action might be to get a lot of sleep. If I’m feeling stuck in my head, I might need to take a walk. And, yes, I might need to do every bit of visualization and wish-making and Feng Shui to get myself in the groove.

Then…. it’s time to take action!

Consistent small actions have proven to be magic for changing things in my life that hadn’t changed much in years despite all the times I had then on my wish lists.

Follow how you feel and keep moving forward.

I’ll leave you with some wisdom from Goethe today: “Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magicgrace and power in it.”



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