How Much Energy Do You Have To Give To The Things That Matter The Most?

Sep 25, 2020 | Creativity


If you had all the time and money in the world, what would your days look like?

Is there anything you’re missing from your life that you’d suddenly be able to focus on? Is there suddenly space and time for the loved ones you don’t see enough of or the things you can’t seem to appreciate right now?

Having resisted the idea that there was ever going to be enough time for all these people and passions (and for myself, too) for a very long time, my life became one big waiting game.

One day I’d finally be able to focus on love, on togetherness, on passions, on pure enjoyment…

Then, life showed me in many ways that there’s no time to wait.

Today’s Feng Shui is about the shifts in your energy (which also include shifts in your home, as it’s all related) that put your true priorities first.

The results of focusing on what’s incredibly important are nothing short of spectacular in every abundant way!

Love is the greatest manifesting energy there is. Whether you call it gratitude, passion, commitment, a mission, a spiritual imperative– it’s all love.

Hundreds of books have been written about the power of this force to change your life. These books are often consumed intellectually. I read many of them, nodding and saying, “Oh, yes, I’m so open to love. I’m so grateful. I’m so full of faith.”

In my mind, I was. In my life, though, I was consumed with the past, desperately trying to make the future “turn out right” and spending most of my days working or filling my mind with more books, articles, videos and audio all sending this message that love was the secret to life-expansion. I was not open to anything. I was only scratching the surface.

After failing to see the results of so many attempts to “glow up” my life and really grow in many ways, I got weary of it and put it on a shelf, sinking into my patterns of hard work and moments of “openness” to fun and joy and love.

It sucked in every way, and with this sense of personal “failure to manifest” something better for myself, I was now a bit bitter and resentful of the time I spent reading and attempting all this growth.

I took me years to finally stop resisting and start living all the stuff I knew at my core was what mattered most.

I had to personally hit bottom in many ways to finally find my way to more faith, gratitude, fun and priorities that put me and all that I loved at the top of my list.

Regardless of what it took to get there, and despite being so stubborn, I finally understood why things were incredibly hard and felt so unfulfilling.

I started shifting to new ways of setting up my space and my days, and these are a few of the shifts that made a huge difference.

My day starts with me. Even when I don’t have the time, I get up earlier to start the day with me first.

You don’t need all the time and money in the world to make sure you are taking care of yourself.

If can be the difference between successful days and days that drag on infinitely the same as the one before. If can be the difference between results and no results. It can be the difference between your wellness and your burnout. It is critical.

Your love for you in action is the stuff that telegraphs out to the world around you.

I start the day with a lot of things that fill me with power, beginning with my spiritual practice every morning early in the morning. When I let this sink into the afternoon, my life is discombobulated. It’s that simple.

Can you start the day with: exercise? mediation? a glass of water? a smoothie? a great shower, rather than a shower you feel forced to take?! a fabulous session of art-making or writing or cooking?

Whatever will help you, in even the smallest ways, to feel better is an investment that is so key to make right now!

Instead of taking breaks to look at random stuff on the Internet or talk/complain/worry about things, I take breaks to connect with all the important people in my life.

How often do you talk to relatives, friends, people you might not see a lot of these days and others who you do talk to but haven’t meaningfully connected with in a while? Make the phone calls, set the dates, send the messages. You’ll find you have lots of time and space for people you love when you make the time and create the space. It won’t take away from anything else, either. It adds. It adds exponentially to everything else!

There’s infinite time for passion projects if I keep my energy strong.

Just like there’s enough time for people you love, there’s enough time for the projects you want to do! You may need to space them out, or break them down into steps, or do them a bit more slowly and progressively… but, do them!

When you’re not drained and waiting for a time when you can experience all this love and passion, you’ll find the time.

In fact, those projects you’ve always wanted to do tend to clear a lot of clutter and distractions from life. I mean, would you rather idly watch the sixth news story on the same subject that will vanish from the news tomorrow or would you rather take those 45 minutes and do something you’ve dreamed of doing?

There’s time to do “nothing.”

Yep. Doing nothing is a big part of living with love. Not every minute of life is “productive” in a classical sense and we all need rest as well as action!

My whole home is customized to welcome in more love.

The energy around me is wide open to receive more love.

I don’t have stuffed drawers or overflowing closets so I have room for more expansion.

I have things in my home set up to magnetize more love.

And, you can do this, too!

Feelings matter most. They’re the compass that makes the most sense and yields the greatest accuracy!

No one knows better than me what feels right to me and no one knows better than you what feels right to you.

This is incredibly important– feelings matter the most.

Ultimately, will you be excited that you forced yourself to go down paths in life that seemed successful to people around you but felt like a nightmare for you? Will you leap out of bed every day for this mission? Will you be fulfilled?

Feelings matter. It’s true, you may have to do things that aren’t your first choice (!) to work your way up to what you want, but make sure that the things you’re aiming for are what you want. This makes the journey far more fun!

Living life richly is the metric of success.

I know people who travel the world and have very little wealth. They’re resourceful and committed to the adventures.

I also know people who are wealthy and barely leave their office.

I used to think the second group was the one to aspire to– the dutiful workaholic.

I now admire the first group.

You can have wealth and an incredibly fun lifestyle, too.

You can have anything you want.

Just make sure you aren’t forgoing your life– love, fun, feeling great, expressing your talents– to get there and you’ll find the path to it all is as fu as the destination.

I love reading the posts of artists who write about their pre-fame days of creating, hustling, dreaming and celebrating every small win. Often, they look at those days as the most fun.

The start of this 16-year-long-so-far wild adventure in Feng Shui and wellness was just as thrilling. And, it still is!

All of life expands with love, so put love at the forefront of your life and enjoy more of every single day!



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