Do You Have A Less Visible Clutter Problem Happening Right Now?

Oct 1, 2020 | Feng Shui 101, Sensory Goodness

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Do you have a less visible clutter problem happening right now?

Today, as I look at piles of notes beside me and a to-do list I have barely touched, I realized that, slowly but surely, I’ve developed a bit of a clutter problem over the last few weeks.

I know it’s not a massive problem, and it may be less usual for me these days, but it really doesn’t matter– a clutter problem is a clutter problem. The impact is the same, whether or not I have a garage full of things to clear (right now, I don’t) or a bunch of clothes to donate (nope) or a lot of expired food in the pantry (not me either, at this moment).

The effect of all of less-visible (and even invisible!) clutter issues is the same in my life and it’s hit me like such a lightning bolt that I decided to write this before I get to eliminating this problem this afternoon.

If you have invisible (or less-visible) clutter, the time is now to let it go!

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I know, it takes longer than an afternoon to sort out years worth of clutter. I have done that process several times over and its 100,000% worth the energy and time spent. But, this clutter problem I realize I have right now may as well be a house full of clutter because it’s managed to —

— make me far less productive, less creatively excited, far less focused, somewhat “floaty” and less grounded and, also, apt to procrastinate.

None of these things are usual for me, but they’ve crept into my life in the last few weeks in subtle ways that have lost their subtlety.

Clutter can also rob you of time and suck the joy and energy out of you physically. It can increase stress and it can decrease the sense of possibility that’s in the air.

None of this is OK by me, so let me start with my clutter problem as you may have it happening, too—

A pile of notes and lists. I’ve got piles of ideas and lists built up that I haven’t started on. This, alone, makes me feel uneasy, like I’m failing every day in some way to make a dent in my plans.

There’s nothing wrong with having notes and lists because these can be the ultimate in creative fuel, but, typically speaking, a whole pile of ideas meant to be started right now = total overwhelm.

These built up as I had a super-intense summer of epic creativity to compete three big projects. Every list was for “as soon as I’m done with these things.”

Now, three projects are done, I’m thrilled for more to begin… but… the drag of these lists is mentally unbearable.

Lots of creative and multi-passionate people have these types of moments; I hear it all the time when people feel pulled in so many directions and aren’t getting fulfilling work done. Today, I’m at home with this moment and I am over it!

The fix that I’ve done in the past: I’m gathering up all my ideas into one master list and gathering up the to-do’s into another master list– both done with my priorities in mind.

Do you have some of this stuff– lingering to-do list stuff– that you can sort out today?

A bunch of self-care products piled up in the bathroom. From skincare to routines I’d like to do but haven’t worked into my schedule yet to products sent for me to review that I haven’t opened yet… there’s a lot going on in my bathroom and, very paradoxically, it doesn’t make me feel very good about self care.

I’m about to deeply reorganize and eliminate a whole lot of this stuff today, making space for the routines I do love and want to do while the rest are gifted or eliminated. In fact, I think I’ll do a sheet mask right after I’m done writing this, because it’s been a while since I’ve felt drawn to even open my drawer of beautifying products.

I typically have a very spare routine– bar of soap, a few serums and two moisturizers. This year, the products have expanded dramatically and it isn’t luxurious as one might imagine.

By the end of this year, I’ll have that drawer back a streamlined routine and I am so excited to organize things to indulge in all this beauty before while I pare down to my essentials again.

Do you have places — makeup in drawers , food stuff in the pantry, beauty products or even craft supplies and books– that have ballooned to proportions that you can’t really manage or enjoy?

That can be a subtle form of a clutter problem, too.

This one feels more fun to sort out, but it’s effects have not been fun!

Now for the big ones:

My mental decluttering work is a big deal.

It’s vital to keep your mind clear. 

First, I’ll address my data-consumption issue. It’s something I’ve talked about in the past, and I’ve allowed my mind to become way too full of data again. When I get tired or I start running on automatic, I start looking for articles to read, videos to watch and all kinds of other stimulus to fill every moment and keep me “excited” because I really need to rest and I’m not always willing to stop and rest.

That only took me a decade to realize and understand that I do this!

You may do the same, or something similar, tirelessly doing research, filling every moment with podcasts, books, stuff, everywhere, non-stop.

The best way I know to re-set my mind and stop this habit starts with a lot of sleep and rest.

Once I’m refreshed, I usually have no desire to stuff my mind… but, for extra measure, I do some extra meditative practices and exercise.

I’ll be in bed super-early tonight, and I’m making workout time a bigger priority now. My mind is literally begging me for more clarity and I am answering the call!

This is how I re-set my crowded mind.

It gets overcrowded far less often these days (I have to reset myself every few months instead of every few days), and I’m ok with knowing I have lots of room to grow in this regard.

Perfect is not the goal any more for me. Happy and fulfilled is the goal. Clear-mindedness is a whole lot of happiness and fulfillment!

Do you have a way to clear your mind and eliminate the overwhelm for yourself? It it time to do it now?

This clutter may seem small but it’s thrown a giant wrench in my schedule, my self-care and even my ability to show up fully every day.

And, I see it happening to people all the time. Their home is fairly minimalist, but their life is filled to the brim with so much to see/do/focus on at once that it’s just as stifling an overflowing attic.

So, if you’re doing it too– accumulating this less visible clutter– we’re all in this together.

Let’s let that stuff go, starting today!

Be kind to yourself and celebrate every step of the way. The better you feel, the more things flow, the better your whole life will be.

Get ready for the inspiration that’s powered by love. And, get incredibly ready for all rewards that come when life is far more clear!



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Clearing clutter- even the overwhelmingly tough stuff- can – and will-  be super-fun!!!


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