Do You Always Feel Like You Need To Clear The Bad Vibes Off Of You?

Oct 5, 2020 | Creativity


If you feel like you’re always looking to shake off, cleanse or detox the negative energy from the day, I know very much of what that feels like.

Especially if you’re in a really difficult situation at the moment. Especially if you’re empathic and you “pick up” the energy of others.

What I’m going to share today is not meant to be a miracle cure, but, rather, a strategy and ethos for all of life.

I’ve found myself immersed in dire straights of every kind of negativity and I’ve also picked up the energies around me forever.

Retreating to my bedroom and locking the door to study was the way I found could start to scratch the surface of dealing with all of this as a kid. But, it wasn’t a life strategy I could use as an adult.

No matter where I went to try to find an answer for this endless nighbare of bad vibes, I’d come up empty-handed. Even the ” healing gurus” I found couldn’t help me, though they offered many complex and often scary rituals that I tried with all my might.

One thing did help. And, it was immensely easier than some of the complex solutions that failed me.

Filling life with love is a multi-dimensional, full-time, all-in life strategy.

It’s also one of the very best ways to create the kind of energetic space around you that is impervious to all kinds of draining, toxic and needless drama and nonsense.

Goals and projects that you love.

Your passion-filled goals and dreams are the thing that makes magic happen in your days every day. These visions and determinations are galvanizing. They get the energy moving. They are potent.

And, many of us don’t allow ourselves to aim for what we really want.

We get small, “realistic” and start hoping for so much less than we know we can create because…. “then, I won’t get disappointed.”

Chances are, with such a low bar and such uninspiring dreams, you aren’t likely to have much success, either!

Rise up to your full-size magnificent dreams. Go for them. It will, in itself, pour love into your life.

Habits that you love.

Are you forcing yourself to do self-care or “personal growth” things that are boring or dreadful because they’re “supposed to be good for you?”

That is the very opposite of personal growth.

It’s great to challenge yourself intellectually and physically, but it’s not great to force yourself to fill your days with activities you can’t stand.

Pick self-loving habits that you’re excited to do, even if they’re hard. I’m still inching my way forward in Pilates, and it kicks my butt every time, but it’s so rewarding that I look forward to every class.

Love for yourself on a deep level.

You may need some counseling or healing work to truly embrace unconditional self-love (I did need a lot of help in this regard) but it’s not required by any means, nor is it a barrier to getting started today.

Decide to speak kindly to yourself + about yourself.

If you find yourself self-bashing or talking about how much you suck in one way or another, that’s draining the energy from your days. Trust me, I used to do this daily, and I saw no end in sight.

Instead… accept yourself and shower yourself with UNCONDITIONAL love.

Use a mirror for self-loving affirmations.  HERE’s more:

Fill your plate with gratitude.

Gratitude will beam love out everywhere around you.

Making a list of things you’re grateful for is excellent.

Living with more gratitude and thankfulness all day long is completely transformational. You’ll be focused on the good around you and that good will multiply.

Fill your plate with great food.

Eat food that fills you with love.


Great food is another form of great energy.

Right now, I’m about to make coconut butter (to make: see here.) to pour onto fruit, and I know the energy this simple treat brings me. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You might eat a simple salad or have a smoothie. Whatever fuels you is for you!

Surround yourself with love at home and you can keep your energy more high, bright, light and strong all day long.



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