Expand Your Love For Every Day And You’ll See More Of What You Want Fall Into Place!

Oct 11, 2020 | Creativity

You create your days. You have lots of decisions to make all day long. One of the most life-altering of decisions is how we choose to focus and what we decide to do in between the big things.

After work, before we get out of bed, in our breaks.

We have choices to make. And those choices are often colored by how we internalize the outlook we have on things.

If you’re used to being cynical, that cynicism can steal the joy from joyful moments. If you’re in love with your life and generally optimistic, that love can make everything so much easier.

It’s worth being “unrealistically” optimistic about the hope and promise in every day. The more you embrace life with this sense of love and wonder, the more things tend to fall into place with greater ease.

Today, let’s look at a few ways to harness more of this joy and wonder every day!

(minimalist baker guacamole)

Try to keep space in your schedule.

I’ve noticed that it’s easy to overload the day with so much to-do that you bypass “feeling” things because you’re too busy to feel things. At the same time, you’re too busy to enjoy things. And, so, in the mad dash, everything becomes a blur and becomes far less wonderful. Also, on a personal note: in the times I’ve taken this path of hyper-busyness, I didn’t actually accomplish very much.

Too much to do that’s not all necessary to do today = not fun at all. I’ve got one creative project to do today (editing videos) that’s exciting because I can actually look forward to it and embrace doing it fully and completely since it’s not competing with ten other things to do. Yep, I can do more today in terms of “work” but I realize that when it stops feeling creative and begins to feel overwhelming, all the success is drained from the project.

Give yourself more space, as much as you can, and you’ll find in the process that you can actually love your work more, get lost in the details and feel even more optimistic about the outcomes.

Take “everyday tasks” and elevate them.

I’m about to make the greatest guacamole I’ve ever made.

That’s my view on everything I cook throughout the day.

I love it. And, I love thinking about it.

My approach to eating and taking time to cook back when I was more mired in waiting for a good time to love my life was this: what’s the easiest thing I can put together with the least thought and energy possible. At one point, I’d eat tofu from the container, I’d have chips and dip as the occasional lunch, and I’d rely on a salad bar or a drive through to fill in the blanks. As long as I didn’t need to think about it I was fine with it.

At that time: I was busy worrying, trying to be perfect in so many other ways, stressed about just about everything and perpetually unsatisfied.

I wonder what my life would have been like if I took an extra time to cook even one meal a day?

I say that now because this simple action was the first “everyday task” that I elevated that transformed my creativity, self-care and my overall outlook on life.

You might elevate how you brush and floss your teeth, how you approach skincare, your daily walk or even your housecleaning.

The more you do all these things will love, the more the love will boomerang back into your life!

Keep seeing success.

Have you noticed success, positive developments or growth today?

My dog has a new quirky habit that he uses to talk to me. I also saw new shoots growing on a plant. I saw a bunch of good news online. And, I realized that during this quarantine I’ve met so many amazing new people virtually that it’s like the number of people I communicate with has doubled. Plus, I realized it’s the 20 year anniversary of my decision to practice Buddhism.

What good things are happening around you? What made you laugh? What inspired you? What new things are growing?

All the smallest things are the big things. Talk about them. Share them. Revel in them.

These are some of the decisions I am most proud of making because they were the greatest self-care in action, and they led to epic life-expansion, which was an unexpected bonus.

These are all easy things to do. No special equipment is involved. No stress is involved.

But: you are involved.

It’s your decision to focus on what you want to see and to embrace every day and make it more extraordinary.

Have so much fun filling your life with love and magic!



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