Self Care To Tap Into Your Superpowers When You’re A Highly Sensitive Person!

Oct 18, 2020 | Creativity


If you’re highly sensitive, you’re blessed!

And while it may not feel like a blessing all the time because your ability to feel and sense energies– including how others are feeling– can be too much to take on at once…it truly is.

Highly Sensitive People are incredibly intuitive, powerful communicators and genius healers. Often they’re the great game-changers in society because they simply can’t help but help others and make the entire world a better place…. but, first, they’ve got to figure out how to manage their sensitivity.

It’s very hard to build an empire and transform things when you’re feeling the weight of the world is on you. Today, let’s look at how you can master your own energy even more so your high-sensitivity can shine in the world!


Check your habits.

As listed above, check to see if you’re falling into habits that trigger overwhelm in your energy systems. While you may have your own personal triggers (ie, talking to a certain person, eating a certain food like something full of sugar or drinking alcohol, etc…) this list is pretty excellent.

Now, switch habits gradually.

If you’re trying to break a bunch of habits all at once, it’s another recipe for overwhelm. Be kind to yourself and let go of these habits that drag you down one-by-one.

Amplify your enjoyment.

It’s really this simple: enjoy your days more. If this means you watch movies every night because you love them, that’s epic for your energy. If this means you read books for hours or hike every day, fantastic! If it means you bake cakes or make crafts, have at it!

Enjoyment makes your energy stronger.

Think of it like a force shield you’re building around you that gets stronger and more impermeable the more you enjoy yourself.

It can be that easy, though sliding into these habits can be gradual and, as mentioned, that’s good.

Quit the stuff that makes you feel overwhelmed. Do more of what makes you happy.

Now: use your high sensitivity to create amazing things!

Launch new business ideas, make art, practice your healing powers, follow your intuition.

The world needs your gifts, and the more “extra” you can love yourself, the more you’ll be glowing and shining and ready to share all these gifts with the world!



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